My new Minecraft Obsession

So about 10 days ago I made this category I call as Short Obsession, and I got another quite a weird short obsession yesterday

And, yeah, I didn’t post yesterday. That’s because I was so tired that I felt asleep. I remember saying to myself Today is quite a day, let’s write a short post about The Avenger End Game since yeah, I watched it yesterday

But let’s just talk about the topic right away, since I am kinda sick, busy, tired and tomorrow I got things to do. . . Read more

Ace Attorney

Well, I guess I have a new obsession. Probably just a short term one, also hopefully just a short one

The last short obsession was that of Sekiro before that is my Project Riwallet, I forgot things before that

Also, some of my old short term obsession include Cities Skyline (Around August 2018), Plane crash documentary (Late 2016 to early 2017), novel (July 2018), music instruments (July 2018)


I got a lot of those, but I didn’t really talk about them that much, especial. . . Read more