Machine Learning for spending prediction

I got this idea a couple minutes ago, while shitting in the toilet. Usually it would be something like ShowerThought, but let’s call this one as ShittingThought

Better idea, let’s make this as a regular thing, let’s make this as a Tag 😂

So as you may… or may not know, I’ve been making this project that I call as #Project_Riwallet the past few…

Hmmm… I didn’t have any progress the past few weeks… LET’S PRETEND NO O. . . Read more

My first Unit Test

I know I know, this is not that big of a deal

BUT IT IS! For me at least. I have been doing coding for the last like, 7 or 8 years but I don’t really understand the concept behind testing, until today at least

Well not really actually, again

I did once try to do some kind of testing, it was on Hydrogen Project, maybe late 2016. The framework was still on native android and the programming language was still Java

The testing itself, I didn’t remember what kind of testing that I . . . Read more

GitHub now allow free private repos?!

Hmm… I should write this 4 days ago… I already wrote the title, but of course I didn’t get the time to write about it

So yeah, 4 days ago, or 26th of March to be exact, when I wrote this post and when I started to crawl my way back to coding,

When I open my GitLab repos, I thought something along this line what’s up with GitHub under Microsoft?

So yeah, I opened my old dusty GitHub account, that’s when I found this new feature called as Projects, I thought o. . . Read more

I would rather do programming than studying for UNBK

A couple of… damn, months ago I publish this post I prefer running than studying as a result of my, well, lack of progress in my Deltalife project

Btw, I just found some weird bug in Chrome… and I just reported it, but I forgot to save my issue message -,-

Today’s post is still in the same realm with that post, except instead of running, it’s actually coding or programming

I’ve been holding myself for months! (Probably since late November or Decemb. . . Read more