Project Dwianjana machine learning data is now public


So much thing happening, so little update that I posted, I need to post my stories asap but I will probably just forgot it

And I just realized my latest update was in May, 3 months ago, and you now know how much effort that I put into this project

Yeah, I am really salty that all those effort that I put into this project, only got 4th place, seriously, compare to the other contestant, this is the best one, bias I might be, this is the most complex app there

I can make the apps they made e. . . Read more

Learning Machine Learning

I know, ironic

I, a human, learn about how machine learn… heck, learning how a human learn is already a hard thing for me, something that should be an instinct for me

Well, that one is a joke, okay? By that I mean, even in school I’m not doing great. And school are designed to be studied by a normal knowledgeless human. I just made a term there

I know the term Machine Learning since quite a long time ago, note that I said know instead of understand there, it’s a big dif. . . Read more

About Project Dwianjana

Okay, I kinda tired today, and there’s only like 30 minutes before midnight, so this one will be a quick one, hopefully

Project Dwianjana just like any other project, begin with idea, and idea begin with inspiration

The inspiration behind this project, no, it’s not problem solving, and no, it’s not really a great start to be honest

I think entire life-cyle was begin and end* in December 10, 2018.

Idk what the 59937483 commit is, it’s just an empty comm. . . Read more