Lost Twin Story

About a twin, an identical twin. Both of them involved in some kind of car crash. And both of them injured badly

Inspired by a moral dilemma, a doctor (Or surgeon) who have patiences. One healthy patience, and let’s say 5 other patiences. Those 5 patiences each need an organ transplantation, a hearth, a kidney, a skin graft, a liver and a … idk, let’s use 4

The surgeon can’t take organ from other badly injured patiences, because of he did, bad thing would . . . Read more

Sayuri Furaregai girl, the song that helped me write novel

So, I am kinda tired the last two days. And I already downgraded this Hari Anugrah Social Media Effort to my second project so I will post less often

That being said, one of my latest project, Disconnect Nostalgia is a hard project to do. Mostly because the story and my writing influenced a lot by my mood when writing it

Yeah, I am a moody type of a guy

But I don’t have the mood to write every single day. In fact, maybe I only have the mood to write like twice a week

But I need to w. . . Read more

Reading my own novel

So I have finished my first draft, the first novel of the Disconnect series, also the first part of the Nostalgia tetralogy or whatever

Now, I am trying to go to editing phase… I enabled my editor switch inside my brain, and…

It’s hard to read your own novel

I know every character already, I know every arc, I know the outcome, I know the twist…

Assuming my draft is good (Eaps, assuming). I can’t finish reading my novel because the stor. . . Read more

Gaining audience for my writing

Disconnect Nostalgia – Hari Anugrah

Oh may gosh

Starting from late October, and still not finished yet. Well the first draft have been finished Dec 22nd but well, idk

Initially I want it to be finished first, then publish it… but I just want to share it to the world, even though the world wouldn’t read it… huh

Well, earlier this evening, I publish my Disconnect Nostalgia to Wattpad with the intention of gaining audience, because that process wo. . . Read more