Resurrecting Koding

Marked to.. wait, it’s pass midnight already 😂, marked yesterday, with the publication of the post

I announce loud and clear (And hopefully right), KODING IS BACK!!!, not that this is matter today tho

This is quite interesting story to tell to be honest

Koding Hari Anugrah Blog
Look closely

The first three posts were all published on 2015, before I even learn proper programming (It was more like, copy pasting code from tutorial into one project, goog. . . Read more

I’ve been away for 10 days

Yeah, exactly as the title suggest, the last post I wrote and published was exactly 10 days ago

It’s not like I was trying to be away from writing this last few days, but time just flies like that

And it’s not like I didn’t do anything, I’ve done so much stuff these last few days that may make me cry even. In fact I did cry.

I did one big mistake that cause me a pretty big financial loses (In my eyes tho), another mistake that cause me maybe ha. . . Read more