Broken Link

Still around the same topic, migrating from Blogger to WordPress. Previously it was about a new branding color, Munsell Blue

This is Munsell Blue

Now it’s about migrating the links. As you (might) now, a link is statically typed. So if I change the link structure in this blog, all the link that redirect back to this blog would be broken

I don’t really like using plugin for this kinda purpose, so I skipped that option. Even though using plugin would be a big time saver f. . . Read more

I got a nice shade of blue color, Munsell Blue

I am in the middle of changing my blogging platform right now, not quite finished yet. Just some touch here and there, some css changes etc

And btw, please don’t mention that I should study right now instead of doing this

A couple of months ago, when I experimenting with PWA (Progressive Web Apps) I got this knowledge of how to change the background color of Chrome Mobile’s Address Bar

And I wanted to implement that here. I did implement that in an older template of my B. . . Read more