Did Google just crawl that post fast?

So one of the reason I can’t post a couple days ago was, because of my sitemap.xml was broken

You can read more about that here

I’ve been having problem with google search console. Basically, when I use blogger google’s doesn’t really crawl my blog

Google kinda make exception toward my site

I thought it was because of my blog’s robot.txt, but I can’t seems to find a fix

So, after a lot of other consideration, I migrate to wordpress

Then I g. . . Read more

Deleting my blogger

As a continuation of this post good bye blogger. There I explain the reason why I have to delete this blogger account

Long story short, wait… did I write it there? Probably

Basically, Google hate duplicate content. And content in this blog was coming from that blogger site initially

So, to increase this blog value in the eyes of Google, I have to sacrifice that blogger

The stupid thing is, I planned to delete my blogger the day I publish good bye blogger, but I forgot it unt. . . Read more

Why I use GCP

As a part of my #migrating to wordpress tag, I want to talk a bit about why I choose to use GCP

Why now? Because I planned to switch server provider soon

My server hasn’t been stable for the last week or so. Sometimes I just can’t connect to my blog for no reason

Like right now, I write The Art Of Quote … my server down

But let’s talk about that later when I finally switched

Now, I want to talk more about why I use GCP to host my WordPress blog

After before I talked ab. . . Read more

Good bye Blogger

Today, I switched again from GCP to DigitalOcean

Also, today I want to delete the legacy harianugrah blog, that is the old Blogger blog

Why I have to delete it?

Usually, I love archiving stuff. I wouldn’t throw stuff away most of the times, instead I will save them some where safe. Maybe I will need it in the future (There’s a term for this btw)

But, this Blogger site should be deleted

I switched back and forth between Blogger and WordPress in my early age of blog. . . Read more

Using ads to support me and this blog

Let’s talk about something that currently I care about

Honestly, I don’t want to care about it. But I forced to care about it. Yeah, about money

Do I want money? Yeah of course! Not the money itself, it basically just a paper, it doesn’t have any intrinsic value

Then, why I said I want money?

Well, I care and want the things that I could do and have with money, I mean you too right?

Like, I want to buy a laptop, I need money. I want to make a business, I need a cap. . . Read more