The sky in disguise, I write a post in written format

So yeah, the last day of my practical exam is in the 2nd of February, and it was a English practical exam

The tasks, yeah with s, wasn’t hard to be honest, but it would took some times to finish. Especially for ones that serious about it

The task was writing two texts, one descriptive text and one recount text. Not hard, really

Most of my friends cheated (They write their text at home), some don’t really care (Arya and Galih just write without being serious) and me being m. . . Read more

Why I always got sick, almost at the worst time possible

As the title said, I just got sick, well I am still kinda sick, but I am way better now

The idea that I would post 100 stories every month (So around 4 post a day) now sounds so ambitious

Well, it is. But now even keeping myself up to post just one story every single day is already getting hard

I didn’t post on 14 and 15 of February because my server was down (And XMLRPC)

But I didn’t post yesterday and two days ago, because I got sick

Well, if you count this emergency post that I f. . . Read more