Familiarity Inertia

Remember this picture fromĀ PDSS, getting additional responsibilities?

You that person on the left? That was me, you see that hair style? Yeah it sucks

But here I want to talk about something that I found interesting

I just give it a name familiarity inertia, when in actuality there must be a name for this phenomenon

It is quite similar to a syndrome that I callĀ First Time Syndrome

Yeah I am bad at naming things, even more finding the official name for a particular phenomenon

The p. . . Read more

Reading my own novel

So I have finished my first draft, the first novel of the Disconnect series, also the first part of the Nostalgia tetralogy or whatever

Now, I am trying to go to editing phase… I enabled my editor switch inside my brain, and…

It’s hard to read your own novel

I know every character already, I know every arc, I know the outcome, I know the twist…

Assuming my draft is good (Eaps, assuming). I can’t finish reading my novel because the stor. . . Read more