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Hey, long time no post :v. It’s been awhile since the last story I published, which is a post of creations that I made with Adobe Illustrator(ReadNyiur Indonesia)
I was very busy(And actually still busy) cuz I have to choose where I have to study next. I have already decided it last week, and I will make a post of it in the next storySpoiler, I will go to the nearest senior high school from my home, of course ‘cuz I am to lazy to drive fa
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Illustration for Surya

On June 4th my cousin(?) came visited me, she came and needed my help. He ordered me to make some illustration

These are some of them, yeah just some. One of them is so special that I wanted to make it in difference post
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Nyiur Indonesia | Illustration for Surya

Yesterday I post illustration for surya and said that I have one special illustration, and this is the illustration. I named it Nyiur Indonesia, nyiur is coconut tree in Indonesian(Kelapa) ‘cuz coconut tree is everywhere in Indonesia and I love it. From the root to the leave is useful and it is important to Bali tradition

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Lately, I feel so hard to wake up in the morning. Even when I setted up a lot alarm, I still hard to wake up
I started feeling this weird experience since two weeks ago. When I want to sleep, there must be a lot problems. I think, there are 2 main problems involved made me insomnia
The first one must be cuz I have a long holiday. And because of it, I was so lazy just to wake up(Even when not holiday, I still lazy to wake up). I usually wake up at 10 in the morning, 4 more hours than my
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Personal Blog versi 4

Personal Blog versi 4 dan versi 4.1 – Wah, belum ada sebulan Personal Blog mencapai versi 3 sekarang udah diupdate lagi ke versi 4, dan barusan ditambah fitur baru jadi versi 4.1
Update ini terjadi karena tampilan lama terlihat kurang cocok untuk sebuah blog pribadi, lebih mirip blog profesional. Jadi karena itu diupdate baru ini Personal Blog memakai theme(Template untuk wordpress) standar yang jauh lebih r
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