That Kyoto Animation Fire

Whoa, It’s been a month since I wrote my latest post, and today, instead of writing those experience that I’ve been gaining the last two months or so, I will write about something that I, can’t predict I will ever write about

KyoAni, or Kyoto Animation, got fired, that is wrong. One of KyoAni’s studio/building was on fire yesterday

… I wrote those two paragraph two days ago, I have no idea what to write here, haha :’v

All my wishes for the fam. . . Read more

So, why I haven’t write anything lately

Simple, just small technical problem, along with some commitment decision, and some existential crisis. You know, simple stuff

The last post I published was like, exactly 3 weeks ago, May 29

To be fair, I still active in internet. Just not on this blog, mostly because I split my attention that previously only to this blog. Those attention now divided toward my Twitter account, my journal, personal improvement, pi. . . Read more

Scene idea about gtfo of a hospital that’s under attack

I just watched One Punch Man S2 E8 and got an inspiration for a quite nice scene

In my mind, it’s a nice opening scene for a novel about super power. Who knows, maybe I will continue writing my 8th grader novels

And btw, I wasn’t writing yesterday because yesterday I was making photo album with my class, maybe I will write about it as a part of To College Arc

Two days ago, I was busy preparing for the tour, but actually I just wasn’t feeling like writing

Today actuall. . . Read more

RIP Symbian

Currently I am working on Project Dwianjana, and I’ve been struggling to implement an Authentication feature

I don’t feel particularly well today (And yesterday, that’s why I didn’t write yesterday) therefore this will be a short post, hopefully

As I said, I struggle to implement an auth feature for Project Dwianjana (Which btw I found a good name yesterday, Hari Aksara)

I’ve implemented a working auth feature twice, as far as I can rememb. . . Read more

Machine Learning for spending prediction

I got this idea a couple minutes ago, while shitting in the toilet. Usually it would be something like ShowerThought, but let’s call this one as ShittingThought

Better idea, let’s make this as a regular thing, let’s make this as a Tag 😂

So as you may… or may not know, I’ve been making this project that I call as #Project_Riwallet the past few…

Hmmm… I didn’t have any progress the past few weeks… LET’S PRETEND NO O. . . Read more