I am so bad at relationship

Yeah, I always knew it… I was, I am, and I… hmmm

At least tonight, and the 18 years I been living, I think that I’m bad at this field… I am bad at a lot of field

Actually, I pull that one back, I am good at some things, in fact I am good at SO MANY things… objectively speaking

But there will be always, like, always, something that people in my social group just naturally good at that I am bad at. Like, student of my major naturally good at gaming, both mobile a. . . Read more

Clean your dishes ASAP! lesson learned

There’s this one scene from Charlotte that stay firmly in my memories, not a remarkable scene, but for some reason I just remember that scene… which in a way make the scene remarkable in its own way

Charlotte Anime

It is just a scene for joke, for laughter, nothing more… really, I’m not joking… but how the f that scene stay stuck in my head?!

So… lemme para-story (Like paraphrase but for story 🙃). Nao, Yuu and Yuu’s sister just finish. . . Read more

“I live my life out of curiosity”

Well, I didn’t actually planned to write about this, but yesterday’s post is quite interesting. One question that I asked in Graced by death that stay stuck in my mind even today is…

What’s the point?

Well… life is interesting, at least for now. There’s so many things in life that I don’t know about, and there are even more things that I AM NOT AWARE ABOUT

There’s these two things called Dunning Kruger and Imposter syndrome&. . . Read more

Graced by death

Seperti biasa, ini adalah pos yang sudah kubuat judul dan konsepnya dari beberapa minggu lalu (Tercatat 8 Oktober)

—- Ok, kemaren gua cuma sempat nulis dua paragraf itu doang 😅, alasannya karena feels gua akhir-akhir ini lagi gajelas Curiosity… and love

Sebenarnya aku udah punya pikiran ini dari dulu, tapi gua selalu nyoba untuk setting it aside karena jujur, ini pikiran yang bener-bener menakutkan untuk gua acknowledge

Sebelum 8 oktober kemaren, setelah M. . . Read more