Time to get back writing

Dang, it’s been a really long time since the last time I wrote and publish a post

Actually it has been only 20 days, considering I had in the past not post once in the span of months, this is not that big. But it sure feels really long, especially because the last couple of weeks is actually the things that I wanna write about in this blog

I think the concept of this blog doesn’t actually working out that great. Whenever I got busy (And therefore have something to . . . Read more

The Key Man

There is this story that I watched on YouTube several years back. It was about a host of a channel (A pretty popular one no less) that got replaced (Or replaced himself) which cause the channel to lose subscriber

The channel I talking about is, RayWilliamJohnson (Need to look up Google to find it, I forgot it)

I watch a video explaining a list of YouTube channels that was once popular that lost subscribers, one of which is RayWilliamJohnson. I think.

As I remember it, I think the cha. . . Read more

This post is written with my new MacBook Pro

Hari Anugrah and his new MacBook

Eaps, after months, or, just a bit more than a year, I finally bought a new laptop

It started with… maybe Vivobook S14, then ZenBook UN433UN, then Dell XPS, then Dell XPS 2 in 1 2019, then MacBook Air, then MacBook Pro 13″, and at last, a MacBook Pro 15″

I kinda feel lightheaded today, can’t really concentrate so I won’t write too much today, basically, this post is somekind of milestone, just as a remainder

I might write about the entire story late. . . Read more

That Kyoto Animation Fire

Whoa, It’s been a month since I wrote my latest post, and today, instead of writing those experience that I’ve been gaining the last two months or so, I will write about something that I, can’t predict I will ever write about

KyoAni, or Kyoto Animation, got fired, that is wrong. One of KyoAni’s studio/building was on fire yesterday

… I wrote those two paragraph two days ago, I have no idea what to write here, haha :’v

All my wishes for the fam. . . Read more

So, why I haven’t write anything lately

Simple, just small technical problem, along with some commitment decision, and some existential crisis. You know, simple stuff

The last post I published was like, exactly 3 weeks ago, May 29

To be fair, I still active in internet. Just not on this blog, mostly because I split my attention that previously only to this blog. Those attention now divided toward my Twitter account, my journal, personal improvement, pi. . . Read more