Reading Poetry “Akhir Sebuah Perjalanan” and recognition

So I wrote poetry last year titled “Akhir Sebuah Perjalanan” which roughly translate to the end of a journey

I didn’t win the first place but my poetry got antalogi-zed (Made to a book), along with a dozen other poetry from all over Indonesia

Well, I am proud of this. Especially for the fact that I kinda successful writing this, I mean I got featured right, in a competition which participated by thousand people in Indonesia

With poetry that I wrote in around o. . . Read more

My friends read my novel

I already started writing my novel since late oktober, I think

Ever since the first draft, I already pitched it to my friend, Galih. Which to my surprised, he liked it

Was it because the outline was good, or was it because I read it for him (Idea behind Angan Sore)

That was a huge ego boost for me, that helped me finished the outline

Then, I asked my friend, Mita (Micel) to read my outline, she liked reading novel. Which I know because she read Breaking Point, a novel that I own, in just li. . . Read more

I’ve finished reading my novel, it wasn’t that bad

Yesterday, I started reading my novel again, since… holy shit, Jan 3rd

I read the second half of the novel yesterday night, started from around 12 midnight, until something like 1:30 in the morning, kinda fast tbh

It wasn’t that bad, I kinda doubt myself reading my novel at first, I think that’s because the first half wasn’t great

I know why, because that’s the first few chapter that I ever write!

There’s this advice I got from the interne. . . Read more

Reading my own novel

So I have finished my first draft, the first novel of the Disconnect series, also the first part of the Nostalgia tetralogy or whatever

Now, I am trying to go to editing phase… I enabled my editor switch inside my brain, and…

It’s hard to read your own novel

I know every character already, I know every arc, I know the outcome, I know the twist…

Assuming my draft is good (Eaps, assuming). I can’t finish reading my novel because the stor. . . Read more

Gaining audience for my writing

Disconnect Nostalgia – Hari Anugrah

Oh may gosh

Starting from late October, and still not finished yet. Well the first draft have been finished Dec 22nd but well, idk

Initially I want it to be finished first, then publish it… but I just want to share it to the world, even though the world wouldn’t read it… huh

Well, earlier this evening, I publish my Disconnect Nostalgia to Wattpad with the intention of gaining audience, because that process wo. . . Read more