Time to get back writing

Dang, it’s been a really long time since the last time I wrote and publish a post

Actually it has been only 20 days, considering I had in the past not post once in the span of months, this is not that big. But it sure feels really long, especially because the last couple of weeks is actually the things that I wanna write about in this blog

I think the concept of this blog doesn’t actually working out that great. Whenever I got busy (And therefore have something to . . . Read more

This post is written with my new MacBook Pro

Hari Anugrah and his new MacBook

Eaps, after months, or, just a bit more than a year, I finally bought a new laptop

It started with… maybe Vivobook S14, then ZenBook UN433UN, then Dell XPS, then Dell XPS 2 in 1 2019, then MacBook Air, then MacBook Pro 13″, and at last, a MacBook Pro 15″

I kinda feel lightheaded today, can’t really concentrate so I won’t write too much today, basically, this post is somekind of milestone, just as a remainder

I might write about the entire story late. . . Read more

How to cheat yourself into reading long text

I’ve been into Reddit the last few weeks (Maybe just one week)

I am into the reddit itself, but I think Indonesia’s government have problem with reddit

I can’t access reddit because my government blocked it, I have to use vpn which I don’t have one (Except free ones, I am concern with my privacy)

So, what I do? Well, if I can’t read reddit directly, I can still read the YouTube vid about reddit

Which btw, I just realized, PewDiePie‘s videos i. . . Read more

Just one more step away

Have you ever felt like this? You are working with something, you know you almost finish, just this one more simple problem

You knew, if you just finish this one problem, everything will fall into its place on its own. You your job/project will be done

As it turned out… you can’t seems to find solution for this one simple problem

I mean, you already solved hundred of problem to be in this point. But this one obstacle just won’t move?!!!

Yeah, we all have probably . . . Read more

Writing on my old notebook

Ever since I started Hari Anugrah Social Media Effort especially the Blog portion of it. I always type on either my desktop computer or my phone

Well, saying that is kinda conservative because I only wrote like 2 or 3 posts on my phone. It’s hard to type using a virtual keyboard on a 5.5inch android phone

Especially with that outdated Blogger apps

Yeah, about that…

Idk why but it seems like Blogger apps on phone doesn’t really like my writing style

Like, the las. . . Read more