My first time booking a hotel by myself

So, the thing I said yesterday in this post is, about today’s experience

Or, more accurately, experience leading to and including today’s experience

I’ve been in hotel several times in the past. The first one that I can remember is when I was 5th grade

So, around 7 years ago

It was when the first time I participated in a Science Olympiad, I got to the regional level (After school, town and city level)

It was quite an experience to be honest

There were 7 of us from t. . . Read more

My new Minecraft Obsession

So about 10 days ago I made this category I call as Short Obsession, and I got another quite a weird short obsession yesterday

And, yeah, I didn’t post yesterday. That’s because I was so tired that I felt asleep. I remember saying to myself Today is quite a day, let’s write a short post about The Avenger End Game since yeah, I watched it yesterday

But let’s just talk about the topic right away, since I am kinda sick, busy, tired and tomorrow I got things to do. . . Read more

Color Perception, there’s no purple color

I just found this vid a couple minutes ago, or maybe an hours ago, idk

I was blown away by this video

When I read the title I was like, probably just a clickbait

I mean there’s this spectrum of light called ultraviolet right? Obviously there IS purple… wait

Eaps, I just remembered. Mejikuhibiniu, or red (jingga) yellow green blue (nila) purple

I just noticed, yeah, just now, that, the purple is outside the boundary of red and blue

I remember in physics class, I usually . . . Read more

Transparency in Government

5 days ago, 17th of April 2019, was held an election in Indonesia

I heard that internationally, people said this election was overly complicated, yeah it was

It’s because there’s just too much to choose from, president, DPR, DPD, Regional DPRD and Province DPRD

I will be honest, I didn’t do enough research on the candidate, my reasoning is that I was too busy with college stuff

I am not proud of that, but my vote was good enough, it will be ‘great’ . . . Read more

Should I switch to my brother’s old phone?

Yeah, quite simple question

A couple weeks ago, maybe even longer time ago, my brother’s phone broke

Then, also a couple weeks ago I drive my brother, along with my sister and my mom to Denpasar

Yeah, I did the driving

He want to sell his old broken phone for a new one, but after seeing the resell value (It was like 10% of the original price), he postponed it

Btw, the phone I am talking about here is a Xiaomi Mi5

Then a couple days later, my brother bought a new phone, a Pocophone, I t. . . Read more