That Kyoto Animation Fire

Whoa, It’s been a month since I wrote my latest post, and today, instead of writing those experience that I’ve been gaining the last two months or so, I will write about something that I, can’t predict I will ever write about

KyoAni, or Kyoto Animation, got fired, that is wrong. One of KyoAni’s studio/building was on fire yesterday

… I wrote those two paragraph two days ago, I have no idea what to write here, haha :’v

All my wishes for the fam. . . Read more

So, why I haven’t write anything lately

Simple, just small technical problem, along with some commitment decision, and some existential crisis. You know, simple stuff

The last post I published was like, exactly 3 weeks ago, May 29

To be fair, I still active in internet. Just not on this blog, mostly because I split my attention that previously only to this blog. Those attention now divided toward my Twitter account, my journal, personal improvement, pi. . . Read more

(Not really) Losing

The only one post that I have ever pin in this blog is Everything is gonna be alright

That related to my “social anxiety” thingy

Disclaimer, no, I’m not saying that I have social anxiety syndrome or anything like that. But heck, I sure have something similar to that in some occasion

Today my STT have an agenda to do. Usually, if this agenda is something related to administrative, I will attend

It’s kinda a bit more complicated if the agenda is working

If t. . . Read more

My current “jobs”

I would consider study as a job

So in the past whenever people asking what am I doing, I would answer studying quite easily

I mean, I spent seven to eight hours daily for that, surely I can call those a job right?

Yeah, it would be nice if school pay me above minimum wage. Agreed

But couple days ago, on May 9th 2019, or was it 13? I got unemployed

Quite sad really, I have to leave that school where I already spent 3 years in

And coincidentally, that day also marked the end of my 12 years educat. . . Read more

My first time booking a hotel by myself

So, the thing I said yesterday in this post is, about today’s experience

Or, more accurately, experience leading to and including today’s experience

I’ve been in hotel several times in the past. The first one that I can remember is when I was 5th grade

So, around 7 years ago

It was when the first time I participated in a Science Olympiad, I got to the regional level (After school, town and city level)

It was quite an experience to be honest

There were 7 of us from t. . . Read more