Why I hate small creature (That chicks odalan thing)

Chicken, bird, chick, cat, turtle and squirrel. I hate them

You may wondering why I added cat into that list. Especially if you guys know me in real life, you may heard that people call me a cat lover or something

I actually want to write this post in Bahasa Indonesia, but I still struggle referring to myself either with ‘gue’ ‘gua’ ‘gw’ ‘aku’ or something, so let’s keep it in English

One of the latest recent event that w. . . Read more

Two Mistakes Today

Today and yesterday is really fun, it is quite an interesting story to tell, but I’m too tired today

Yesterday I stayed at a hotel until this morning with Arya

But also yesterday, Arya asked me to watch Avenger End Game. He haven’t watch it, but I already did three days ago

But there’s nothing bad about rewatching it again, so I decided to rewatch it yesterday

The ‘today’ part of the title, is because the movie played from 9.20PM to around 12.30AM

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New Series! Things I would done differently: Time Machine

I actually wanna talk about yesterday’s April Fool post, but well, I just got a quite nice inspiration of series

I won’t make the first post of this series now, this post is just the idea behind it. I probably will make the content of the series later, or maybe someday in the future

Yeah I know, making idea without making it happen is kinda, bad, I mean what’s the point behind idea if no one make it real

But who cares, I got 12 minutes to write this post, so let’. . . Read more