Graced by death

Seperti biasa, ini adalah pos yang sudah kubuat judul dan konsepnya dari beberapa minggu lalu (Tercatat 8 Oktober)

—- Ok, kemaren gua cuma sempat nulis dua paragraf itu doang 😅, alasannya karena feels gua akhir-akhir ini lagi gajelas Curiosity… and love

Sebenarnya aku udah punya pikiran ini dari dulu, tapi gua selalu nyoba untuk setting it aside karena jujur, ini pikiran yang bener-bener menakutkan untuk gua acknowledge

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Curiosity… and love

I’ve been suffering the latest couple of days, not in the bad ways… well, it is kinda in the bad ways, but this suffer happen because of positive feeling

I am actually currently writing another post titled Graced by death, and a paper about 360 Photobooth… but I just can’t write them, this feeling kinda kept me hostage

Not my laziness, but… this… weird… feeling

I’ve chatted to Galih yesterday about it, I said it was ‘c. . . Read more

Why doctor only gave me a small amount of meds

Immediately a problem

As you might notice, I used the word meds here. I initially wanted to use the word drugs, but it will mislead wrongly, and will gone wrong(?)

So let’s start with this, late February I got a practical exam (Which I talked about at My Last Practical Exam in High School), which is part of my final school exam (USBN)

Then, I got sick (Which I also talked about at Why I always got sick, almost at the worst time possible)

Damn it feels good to refer to old post

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