Something that’s so profound, it changed your way of thinking

I’ve been wanting to share this for a while (Less than a week actually), but of course I forgot about it

That ‘forgot’ increase the reasoning behind sharing this post actually. I initially don’t want to save these nice quotes, but well again, I will forget these quote if I don’t save it. Which I just proof

Also, yesterday I didn’t write a post, I already opened my laptop, and started writing some letter. But I felt asleep, I was so tired beca. . . Read more

Mistake need to be pointed out so people can learn from it

Around 7:15 he stated something that I could really relate about`

Mistake need to be pointed out so people can learn from it

[Put someone’s name here]

I do mistake, you do mistake, that’s an unfortunate truth about life

You know what? Now I think about it, being not perfect is not bad after all. I mean that’s the whole purpose of having a partner after all

But the point is. Usually, I will do my best to avoid making mistake

That SNMPTN event yesterday? Yeah, it too. . . Read more

“Paving my way”

This morning, like 6:30 in the morning. At Galih’s kost I tried to sleep. I played some random YouTube vid in the background to make me sleep

Btw, yeah morning… We have a PE Class, but it was rainy… so I, Galih and Wira decided to just f it up, and sleep

While listening to the YouTube, I heard this phrase said again and again… it was used more as an idiom then a quote

He paved his way toward his success

Something like that, I forgot the exact word

But I will deriv. . . Read more

Things that I could do, they can do it too

New segment. A quoted. Basically if I found something as inspiring. Maybe a story, a quote or something. I would put it here.
I have the playlist version on YouTube since… forever (Not sure), I called the playlist as Inspire. But that doesn’t really sound cool. I don’t want to be beaten by the word quintuplets
I need to mark my older post as Quoted as well… well, that would be though… I do really need to restructure this blog

I just watched t. . . Read more