“I live my life out of curiosity”

Well, I didn’t actually planned to write about this, but yesterday’s post is quite interesting. One question that I asked in Graced by death that stay stuck in my mind even today is…

What’s the point?

Well… life is interesting, at least for now. There’s so many things in life that I don’t know about, and there are even more things that I AM NOT AWARE ABOUT

There’s these two things called Dunning Kruger and Imposter syndrome&. . . Read more

Curiosity… and love

I’ve been suffering the latest couple of days, not in the bad ways… well, it is kinda in the bad ways, but this suffer happen because of positive feeling

I am actually currently writing another post titled Graced by death, and a paper about 360 Photobooth… but I just can’t write them, this feeling kinda kept me hostage

Not my laziness, but… this… weird… feeling

I’ve chatted to Galih yesterday about it, I said it was ‘c. . . Read more

Something that’s so profound, it changed your way of thinking

I’ve been wanting to share this for a while (Less than a week actually), but of course I forgot about it

That ‘forgot’ increase the reasoning behind sharing this post actually. I initially don’t want to save these nice quotes, but well again, I will forget these quote if I don’t save it. Which I just proof

Also, yesterday I didn’t write a post, I already opened my laptop, and started writing some letter. But I felt asleep, I was so tired beca. . . Read more

Mistake need to be pointed out so people can learn from it

Around 7:15 he stated something that I could really relate about`

Mistake need to be pointed out so people can learn from it

[Put someone’s name here]

I do mistake, you do mistake, that’s an unfortunate truth about life

You know what? Now I think about it, being not perfect is not bad after all. I mean that’s the whole purpose of having a partner after all

But the point is. Usually, I will do my best to avoid making mistake

That SNMPTN event yesterday? Yeah, it too. . . Read more

“Paving my way”

This morning, like 6:30 in the morning. At Galih’s kost I tried to sleep. I played some random YouTube vid in the background to make me sleep

Btw, yeah morning… We have a PE Class, but it was rainy… so I, Galih and Wira decided to just f it up, and sleep

While listening to the YouTube, I heard this phrase said again and again… it was used more as an idiom then a quote

He paved his way toward his success

Something like that, I forgot the exact word

But I will deriv. . . Read more