Sayuri Furaregai girl, the song that helped me write novel

So, I am kinda tired the last two days. And I already downgraded this Hari Anugrah Social Media Effort to my second project so I will post less often

That being said, one of my latest project, Disconnect Nostalgia is a hard project to do. Mostly because the story and my writing influenced a lot by my mood when writing it

Yeah, I am a moody type of a guy

But I don’t have the mood to write every single day. In fact, maybe I only have the mood to write like twice a week

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Koe no Katachi

MAY 19, 2017
Hey, so I just watched an anime movie called Koe no Katachi, or Silent Voice… great movie, you should watch it as well

So basically it’s about a guy named Shoya Ishida who when he was elemtary school, he bullied a (kawai) girl named Shoko Nishimiya… and then a lot things happended and now everybody is keeped away from Shoya

It’s really great, this anime is better than Kimi no Na wa, I think personally… seriously…

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