Lost in Your Eyes, that nice vocal and drop tho

I am writing a story about Mourning Afternoon right now, but then again, I see the the clock and the time is running out

I need to meet my quote for today!

Good thing I’ve fallen in love with another song today

I would say this is an EDM Song, it reminded me a lot about another edm that used a lot in travel vlog

But I can’t seem to find it, I forgot the title. Which is one reason I put this one here, just so I can find it later down the road

Who knows, maybe I would need it in the future. . . Read more

Magic of Love, the song that I loved so much but don’t understand

This is really a touching song, or rather melodic to be honest

Why you may ask,well, that’s because I don’t understand the lyrics

I’m not even sure what language the song used, my best guess is Chinese. What’s even the name of the language again? Mandarin?

This is really familiar feeling, back when I was an elementary student, before I speak English fluent, or at all, I listen to a lot of western music

Something like Owl City’s Fireflies, Justin . . . Read more

No pain, No game; that nice visual though

I just watched it right now, and immediately felt in love with the visual

The song is the opening theme for the anime Btooom, which I liked, but not really love

The song itself is quite nice, but the thing that interest me the most about that video is of course, the visual

The character design is so good, the animation may be not fluid but it’s still really visually pleasing, the coloring is just nice, overall really good

Not much to write here, it’s just a nice music vide. . . Read more

Navicula’s Saat semua semakin cepat, Bali berani berhenti

Tomorrow, March 7th 2018 is a special day, especially for people that live here in Bali

In addition to Putri’s birthday (That I didn’t know), tomorrow is Nyepi day

Nyepi is, actually I am not 100% sure, is Nyepi a Hindu stuff, or Bali specific stuff? Or maybe Hindu-Indonesia stuff?

Because religion is shaped by culture, and there’s plenty holy-day that differ from Hindu-Bali and Hindu-India.

Holy festival for example, it’s an India’s event. . . Read more