Curiosity… and love

I’ve been suffering the latest couple of days, not in the bad ways… well, it is kinda in the bad ways, but this suffer happen because of positive feeling

I am actually currently writing another post titled Graced by death, and a paper about 360 Photobooth… but I just can’t write them, this feeling kinda kept me hostage

Not my laziness, but… this… weird… feeling

I’ve chatted to Galih yesterday about it, I said it was ‘c. . . Read more

I love Weathering With You better than Kimi no Na Wa

So, as I said in yesterday’s post, I will write a simple review of the ani movie that is Tenki no Ko, or you may know it as Weathering with You, and no… it’s not going to be a comprehensive review in any way

In fact, I already forgot the name of the two main character 😂 Lemme google it

The title of the movie is Tenki no Ko in Japanese, which translated directly to English as the child of weather, but I guess Weathering with You is a way bette. . . Read more

Renai Circulation, Hanazawa Kana, Yamato Nadeshiko

I will be honest, I didn’t expect will write this 🤣

So on March 22nd I found that video in YouTube and then shared it to Galih & Azure YouTube chat just for fun

Let’s break down my weird confusing title, FIRST


I just googled it up :v it means love in the sense of romantic love. The kanji for Renai came from Ren and Ai which respectively mean Love and… Love? Wait what

Ren? Why an image of kidney just come to my mind. Is it because I got Biology final exam in two da. . . Read more

I swear, Date A Live is sweet (ARMS)

Weird title? Eaps, I did that on purpose

But, let’s get something out of the way… I am kinda in a hurry right now. I am busy today, and tomorrow I got UNBK (Not that I study though), but seriously, I am busy right now

You know what? I will tell you my business right now, first tomorrow is the deadline to fill my UKT form, second I got to help my friends pay UTBK, again, I even have to go to Gianyar just to help my friends, third UNBK, forth Riwallet and some other small things

Let. . . Read more

Sayonara, I love you

Didn’t expect I would write this

Considering I keep talking about an unfinished post since, like, a long time ago (It’s actually 5 days ago)

This won’t be long since, I don’t feel like writing today, also, not much to talk about here

The story is similar to the Magic of love, in fact I think I got both video from my brother at the same time

tl;dr I first listen to this song, probably in junior high, therefore it has sentimental value to me. Especially the abo. . . Read more