Voice Acting opportunity, Another reason to love Indonesia

Just watching some random video on YouTube home, which I just reinstalled yesterday when I saw sydsnap just uploaded a new video

I am a simple man, I see OreImo, I questioned my life decision

Btw, while watching her video I realized something. She is [quite] a big YouTuber, she is Gigguk‘s girlfriend, she should have quite a lot of money

But, her audio quality sucks … also, to put more salt into the mix, her job [I think] is voice acting, so not having a good microphone i. . . Read more

How to cheat yourself into reading long text

I’ve been into Reddit the last few weeks (Maybe just one week)

I am into the reddit itself, but I think Indonesia’s government have problem with reddit

I can’t access reddit because my government blocked it, I have to use vpn which I don’t have one (Except free ones, I am concern with my privacy)

So, what I do? Well, if I can’t read reddit directly, I can still read the YouTube vid about reddit

Which btw, I just realized, PewDiePie‘s videos i. . . Read more

Indonesia Happiness Index keep declining; and my thought on Indonesia low literacy index

A couple years ago, this topic come across to me. I didn’t really give it that much attention at the time, but for some reason this stays at the back of my mind, until now, and maybe some time later

I don’t really remember what the video was about, I think it’s along the way of Indonesia’s student happiness index correlated with world education ranking

Again, I didn’t remember which video was it. But I remember Indonesia didn’t rank well, n. . . Read more

The Irony Principle (Counterintuitive behavior)

I already notice this weird phenomenon since like, at least one year ago. Edit: Later I realized it’s around 3 years

I do think there’s already a term for this phenomenon but since I am too lazy to look for it (And I don’t know what search term to use too), I will name it myself

I didn’t actually name it last year, I just created a name just now, because I need a title… haha

And btw, the closest thing that I know to this phenomenon is reverse psychology, b. . . Read more

Computer origin as in the textile theory

Not sure how am I suppose to title this, but YouTube just recommended me something quite interesting, a channel named This Is

It’s nice that YouTube already recommended me something fresh to my homepage even only one day after I remove some of my channel subscriptions

I will be honest, the only one reason I clicked the video was, because Linus from Linus Tech Tips was in the thumbnail, just look at him

Oh yeah, also that multi-threading word in the thumbnail. I was like, do t. . . Read more