Interesting things to say about MY dream

So today, or actually just now, or maybe couple minutes ago (It is 4.45AM btw) I just awaken from a dream, kinda forcefully

And I noticed something… strange…

But to understand those strangeness I need to tell tou about the dream first, which btw, I can’t fully recall

Basically because something something happened, I got stuck with this one guy, let’s call him Cents or something

Someone told us to go somewhere and do something, I and Cents for some reas. . . Read more

Back to Basic principle

There’s this saying that kept stuck in my head ever since the first time I heard it, Back to Basic

I don’t remember when or where I heard it first, but it has something to do with the Windows 10 icon

And now, I just watched an essay video about Netflix demise and I remember about this saying again

The video mention something along the line of “streaming services now became just like cable tv again”

And I was like, yeah it’s back to basic again

I mean, lo. . . Read more

When you found a new word and everybody suddenly use it

Well, this post actually drafted on April 9th, when I wrote a day off

But it’s kinda related to one of my observation which I called as the unluckiest principle

And since I got nothing to write about today, well I actually do have something to write about. But I am kinda lazy, so let’s write this instead

Also, I got like 151 drafts as of now, so I probably better finish my draft first instead of writing new ideas

So as I said before, this post actually intended to be written . . . Read more

From Fun to FUNctional principle

Okay, tl;dr

A lot of practical concept, especially in math, first comes just as a challenge to mathematician. They don’t think ‘what can I use this thing for’, they though ‘oh, this is cool’ and the application comes later

That is really interesting way to see how our world come into its shape now. It came just from fun

Which is actually true to be honest, our dopamine system in our brain is actually the one that truly cause us, living being, do stu. . . Read more

Dodit Mulyanto’s isolated house, and hydroponic vertical integration

I am writing something long right now, about today’s experience, about my snmptn experience… I got accepted

But when I see the clock, I definitely have not enough time to finish it, I already writing it for an hour or so, and it is not even close to 33% done

Blessed and cursed by my own rule, I have to write something to fill my writing quota for today, or is it my post quota?

Ah, it doesn’t really matter… I just need to keep my discipline and write something fo. . . Read more