Loneliness and feeling lonely

I feel so lonely today

Don’t get me wrong, I love loneliness, like I love being alone. I love spending time with me and myself, in fact I always did every day, I talk to myself every night, the biggest contributor to why I always sleep later

It feel really nice to talk to someone who is as smart and as stupid as you are. And who are the better candidate than you yourself

Majorprep have once said, that the final task (Whatever it’s called, I forgot) of a university is the best . . . Read more

My first back to hometown story

Yesterday I promised to re-start writing consistently, or was it earlier today? The point is here is your story, I mean my story, or whatever

So as you may know, I’ve been away, not just from writing, in this context I’ve been away from home as well

I left home August 11th 2019 and today is August 19th 2019, so I’ve been sleeping away from home for 9 days, that is the longest record I have to this point

Probably my prior record is 5 days, like 5 days at hotel for OSN (Wh. . . Read more

Familiarity Inertia

Remember this picture from PDSS, getting additional responsibilities?

You that person on the left? That was me, you see that hair style? Yeah it sucks

But here I want to talk about something that I found interesting

I just give it a name familiarity inertia, when in actuality there must be a name for this phenomenon

It is quite similar to a syndrome that I call First Time Syndrome

Yeah I am bad at naming things, even more finding the official name for a particular phenomenon

The p. . . Read more

Again, Stress… First Time Syndrome Debate Edition

Wew… I think it just about 4 to 5 months ago I stressed out because a foreigner came visit my house FOR THE FIRST TIME, and now I get the same feeling again. Not exactly the same, this one is easier, I think… I hope
So I just turning into a Senior High School Student at SMA Negeri 1 Bangli, and I enter, some group and extras. One of them is Debate
Debate is real fun btw, especially cuz my senior is easy to be friend with… but I have a problem. The problem is I selected to participate at AV
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Awal Ngomong sama Foreigner(s)

First Time Talking with Foreigner(s) – Nama gue Hari Anugrah, dan kemampuan Bahasa Inggris gue bisa dibilang bagus, perkembangan gue juga bisa dibilang cepet. Pertama kali gue belajar Bahasa Inggris adalah waktu kelas 5 SD, waktu itu gue cuma bisa ngomong kata benda noun yang ada di kelas misalnya bangku, meja, kursi dan papan tulis
Nah, disaat Bahasa Inggris yang gue tau cuma kata benda, yes dan no aja ada sepasang bule daten
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