So, why I haven’t write anything lately

Simple, just small technical problem, along with some commitment decision, and some existential crisis. You know, simple stuff

The last post I published was like, exactly 3 weeks ago, May 29

To be fair, I still active in internet. Just not on this blog, mostly because I split my attention that previously only to this blog. Those attention now divided toward my Twitter account, my journal, personal improvement, pi. . . Read more

Me in January 2119

About 5 months ago I have this idea to send a mail to the future so I will remember what I think today. And maybe make fun out of it.

I mean this entire segment, Dear Myself is just that… you know what? This entire blog is something like that as well. So I remember how the young of me think, and compare it to me in the future, or current me

Currently, I used this blog to see how my English has improved over the years. It improved a lot, that’s for sure

Just compare my current (Stil. . . Read more

Dear Myself in 2 Years

Update, the day after… pfftt

Hey myself in 2years, I am here right now at Galih’s sharehouse, we just leave Anan’s freaking home for the faking dance making task(I know, it would be a great memory to talk to your son btw) and instead or directly going home, you and Galih decided to eat Sate, because you know, you are so rich :v (When you only want to go eat, because Galih would pay for you :3 but at last, you decided you will pay it by yourself, stupid morron :p)

And Ga. . . Read more

Dear Myself in 3 Years

Hey Hari, do your really read this letter 3 years after you write it? I don’t really sure about that though :v . But I still hope you read it and remember your #story You know, I really curious how you will be looks like, how you will be sounds like, and I know you must be curious why I write this letter right? Just relax I will explain it to you Do you remember Arya Wiguna? Just kidding, there’s no way you can forget that gamer. He just showed me a video of choir on youtube that h
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