Oh, didn’t remember I had education-abstract.blogspot.com

You know what’s weird? Forgetting something in your past, I do this quite frequently… that made me sounds like forgetting them intentionally

But no, (more often than not) I don’t want to forget my past… but my daily life, and life style just … was bad, to put simply

I have this theory, that my bad memory (As in, having hard time recalling the past) have something to do, well, happened because my sleep schedule

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I drew a Patra Ulanda

I will be honest, this is just a filler post

The thing is, I already wrote two draft for today’s post, but I just don’t have time for those long intricate posts, so I write this instead

You know, I need to keep up with this one-post-per-day project of mine

Also, I want to introduce you to the new tag system for this kind of topic. I will put this kind of post under the dusting Creation category. I will also use the tag system to categorize it even more, maybe something like Dr. . . Read more

Making Koding’s Jalak Starling Bird Logo

Oh, finally…
Koding is my, other project that I started for this 2019 year… alongside with this, thinking then write stuff… huft
I got two blog to maintain now, huh
So I need a favicon for this blog, which btw is live in https://koding.harianugrah.com/
Favicon, for you who don’t know, is that little icon of the left side of your tab’s browser… the usage mostly is, so you can differentiate different website easier…&
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Automasi Tipografi Abjadifikasi Terintegrasi

Hai namaku hari Anugrah jadi tadi sore aku mau baru saja berpikir, nggak sih sebenarnya aku sudah lama memikirkan untuk membuat sebuah aplikasi yang melakukan image Processing
Sebenarnya aplikasi yang pertama yang ingin kubuat itu adalah aplikasi yang mengubah sebuah gambar yang memiliki warna utama hitam dan aksen putih, contohnya adalah logo Hari Anugrah
Mengubah semua pixelnya dengan gambar-gambar dari albumku atau sejenisnya jadi daripada mempergunakan pixel
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Personal Blog v5

Okay, don’t ask me… but I will answer your question… (What?)

So this is the fifth version of this personal blog, what does it mean? It mean that this blog already been updated(Majorly, major update? ok, big change) 4 times and that is excluding small change(Minor update) and with the amount of content in mind(20-ish) I know that this many change is way tooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.. or many or whatever

So this blog already vacuum for about 6… wai. . . Read more