This post is written with my new MacBook Pro

Hari Anugrah and his new MacBook

Eaps, after months, or, just a bit more than a year, I finally bought a new laptop

It started with… maybe Vivobook S14, then ZenBook UN433UN, then Dell XPS, then Dell XPS 2 in 1 2019, then MacBook Air, then MacBook Pro 13″, and at last, a MacBook Pro 15″

I kinda feel lightheaded today, can’t really concentrate so I won’t write too much today, basically, this post is somekind of milestone, just as a remainder

I might write about the entire story late. . . Read more

RIP Symbian

Currently I am working on Project Dwianjana, and I’ve been struggling to implement an Authentication feature

I don’t feel particularly well today (And yesterday, that’s why I didn’t write yesterday) therefore this will be a short post, hopefully

As I said, I struggle to implement an auth feature for Project Dwianjana (Which btw I found a good name yesterday, Hari Aksara)

I’ve implemented a working auth feature twice, as far as I can rememb. . . Read more

Learning Machine Learning

I know, ironic

I, a human, learn about how machine learn… heck, learning how a human learn is already a hard thing for me, something that should be an instinct for me

Well, that one is a joke, okay? By that I mean, even in school I’m not doing great. And school are designed to be studied by a normal knowledgeless human. I just made a term there

I know the term Machine Learning since quite a long time ago, note that I said know instead of understand there, it’s a big dif. . . Read more

My first WEB UI Design

So I haven’t publish anything for two days now. Why?

Well, the answer is quite simple, remember that whole #Migration to WordPress? Eaps, now it’s something like that, just way more complicated, and BIGGER!

My plan wasn’t that big at first, but now I half way finish, there’s just more and more thing that I wanna add

As you can see, this blog is active right now, that’s because I have finished migration to a hosting . . . Read more

My first Unit Test

I know I know, this is not that big of a deal

BUT IT IS! For me at least. I have been doing coding for the last like, 7 or 8 years but I don’t really understand the concept behind testing, until today at least

Well not really actually, again

I did once try to do some kind of testing, it was on Hydrogen Project, maybe late 2016. The framework was still on native android and the programming language was still Java

The testing itself, I didn’t remember what kind of testing that I . . . Read more