I am NOT bored

Hari Anugrah morning run

Yeah, a contrast 180 from yesterday’s post

I feel tired right now, so I will make this post just as a quick recap. Also I just realized it earlier this night, when my post started becoming higher quality? Like, I intent it to be an easy and short thing to do, but it seems like I tried to one up the quality

Which in turn cause me to post less, especially the thing that I actually want to talk about

Like, remember my April fools post? https://blog.harianugrah.com/2019/04/i-cant. . . Read more

Achievement unlocked, 105 WPM typing speed

Have you ever tried something that you haven’t been doing in awhile and expected to doing worse? Yeah I did just that just now

I am currently staying over at Galih’s kost and we had nothing to do (Well we do have something to do, but we got bored)

Okay, I will be honest. I was kinda busy with finding idea what to write for today’s post, that’s when Galih got bored

He asked Google assistant for entertainment, using the Trivia feature that offered by Google As. . . Read more

Practiced Driving with Galih

So, there’s this event called Edufair that would be held in January 27th

I help buy my friends tickets… but one of my friends asked me to drive us there (Audry)

That’s… a big responsibility for me… but I want to take it as a challenge


Well, maybe there will be 5 of my friends inside my car (My father’s car), so… that’s at least, 5 times as big of responsibilities for me as I usually take when driving

That would be th. . . Read more

Reading Poetry “Akhir Sebuah Perjalanan” and recognition

So I wrote poetry last year titled “Akhir Sebuah Perjalanan” which roughly translate to the end of a journey

I didn’t win the first place but my poetry got antalogi-zed (Made to a book), along with a dozen other poetry from all over Indonesia

Well, I am proud of this. Especially for the fact that I kinda successful writing this, I mean I got featured right, in a competition which participated by thousand people in Indonesia

With poetry that I wrote in around o. . . Read more

PDSS, getting additional responsibilities

Okay, let’s start a new segment, or as I like to call it: Challenge

Actually I want to add First Time Syndrome as well, but well… it is a first time syndrome, but not sure either

Btw, as I said, my new hair style sucks… and that’s when I validating my friends data using formula


(I felt asleep)

Oh shit, I really need to take my time to rest

But let’s get to the topic

PDSS, which stands for Pangkalan Data Siswa Sekolah. Something like Student-School D. . . Read more