Proposal Alfamart as a logistic courier

Hasil gambar untuk alfamart

I actually already have this idea since a couple of months ago

The idea is quite simple… but let’s examine the problem first
J&T, JNE, and POS are the main courier in Indonesia

But they all got one problem that I hate (That also bother my first time selling stuff online experience)

That problem was and still is… they don’t open all the time

Well, of course, they don’t open 24/7, but the problem is they are not even open most of the times

Like, th. . . Read more

Black Hole illustration as an company logo

Let’s make this blog more structured… I made a new category, Aidya

I will add older post to this category as well later that fits the category desc

But what is aidya?

Well, actually I want to use the word Idea, but that’s boring… I want to add something punchy and personal there

Idea Arc? Nope, this is not a story, but an article…

Hmmm… then I remember this company name idea I have in junior high, Aidya

My line’s ids is still have this aid. . . Read more

Unifi, University Finder

One of my friend, Dwik, send a pdf document to my Avione’s group chat

The pdf contain info about university’s average minimum report score or whatever

That inspired me to make Unifi, short for University Finder

The problem that I wanted to solve is… well.. it’s hard to find university

Not only that, it is harder to find university that’s not, well, huge or whatever

For example Unud, Unud is big in Bali, but Unud also is famous, because there are a . . . Read more