Grey Reflection film

About an adult that’s just like me, write a day to day story about his life. Especially about his senior high life

Then, at the age of 23, he diagnosed with cancer and only have few weeks to live

PS. This is better in film format btw, because the big point about this story is the MC’s expression

He depressed because of his cancer, he want to commit suicide. Living would be hard when I knew my life will be over as soon as I started enjoying life again

Then he remembered his lif. . . Read more

The Mars Family Story

I got a new story pitch after watching this vid by Kurzgesagt

Let’s say, we send …

You know what, I just googled “should we send man or woman to mars” I genuinely have no idea what kind of team should humanity send to Mars…

1 Man? Bad! Isolation is basically the one single thing that definitely will kill this man

2 Man? Idk, I already started hearing people saying ‘sexist’, and I think sending a woman is important too, just to collect mo. . . Read more

Bed Time Story (Angan Sore)

Let’s talk about one of my old idea, Angan Sore

First, the name. Angan can be translated to Dream or Daydream while Sore translated to Evening. So Angan Sore can be interpreted as the dream in evening

Why evening? Well, actually I want to use night, or maybe dawn, or afternoon. But I can’t find a good word other than Sore

Other candidates that I consider a lot is Senja (Dawn), but Senja contain the letter J that have a tail, that curvy thing on the bottom of the letter J doe. . . Read more

An app to compare camera quality (For MKBHD)

When I watch this vid… holy shit, a month ago?

I was inspired to make this project, a simple app yet I don’t think anybody has done it before

Currently, people usually use DXOMark as a benchmark for how good a smartphone camera is…

But that is inherently not a good way to do it… a camera smartphone, of course, can be judged objectively

But our perceptions of it, human perceptions of camera result… cannot… at least with that methodology

MKBH. . . Read more

Carbs powered vehicle

So this is already on my note for a couple of days

Basically, I watch a random vid on youtube, then I saw this data. Carbs have an energy density of 4000 cal/grams

And I was like… blown away

PS. I just check that data, not really accurate, but good enough

I immediately thought of Tesla, you know, that vehicle-tech company I look up to

I am not really sure will this idea even make sense in theory, which is probably not. But I will just write it here, just to clean up my note

Oh, it feels . . . Read more