Scene idea about gtfo of a hospital that’s under attack

I just watched One Punch Man S2 E8 and got an inspiration for a quite nice scene

In my mind, it’s a nice opening scene for a novel about super power. Who knows, maybe I will continue writing my 8th grader novels

And btw, I wasn’t writing yesterday because yesterday I was making photo album with my class, maybe I will write about it as a part of To College Arc

Two days ago, I was busy preparing for the tour, but actually I just wasn’t feeling like writing

Today actuall. . . Read more

Cross Dimensional Game (YouTube and Game)

So earlier this morning, yeah, this morning, I should write as soon as I write the draft

But, yeah, earlier this morning Grian uploaded a new episode of Hermitcraft (If you guys have no idea what am I talking about, head here)

It was episode 62, not that I have watched 61 tho, I think I watched as far as 23-ish something

I got an idea, or more of an inspiration actually, it is… damn it, I can’t completely recall it, and I forgot to write down a note, huft

But yeah, the concept . . . Read more

Sewol Ferry Accident and Selamat Sore, Biru

This is one kind of thing that I didn’t know that I want to watch

Or actually, I knew I want to watch this kind of post disaster documentary. I mean I spent like 6 months watching air disaster (Documentary about air plane disaster)

I actually want to write about my experience today, how my real first step toward being a college student played out

But when I got home, I felt asleep, wake up, tired, watching some youtube vids, and for some reason landed in this documentary video

F. . . Read more

New Series! Things I would done differently: Time Machine

I actually wanna talk about yesterday’s April Fool post, but well, I just got a quite nice inspiration of series

I won’t make the first post of this series now, this post is just the idea behind it. I probably will make the content of the series later, or maybe someday in the future

Yeah I know, making idea without making it happen is kinda, bad, I mean what’s the point behind idea if no one make it real

But who cares, I got 12 minutes to write this post, so let’. . . Read more

Dodit Mulyanto’s isolated house, and hydroponic vertical integration

I am writing something long right now, about today’s experience, about my snmptn experience… I got accepted

But when I see the clock, I definitely have not enough time to finish it, I already writing it for an hour or so, and it is not even close to 33% done

Blessed and cursed by my own rule, I have to write something to fill my writing quota for today, or is it my post quota?

Ah, it doesn’t really matter… I just need to keep my discipline and write something fo. . . Read more