“I live my life out of curiosity”

Well, I didn’t actually planned to write about this, but yesterday’s post is quite interesting. One question that I asked in Graced by death that stay stuck in my mind even today is…

What’s the point?

Well… life is interesting, at least for now. There’s so many things in life that I don’t know about, and there are even more things that I AM NOT AWARE ABOUT

There’s these two things called Dunning Kruger and Imposter syndrome… two contradictory phenomenon, that fill in each other

Personally I would love to believe my main driving force as of right now is my curiosity. But as I said in the Graced by Death, the longer we live, the world would become more boring eventually

Will I ever be running out of fuel? would I become numb to the world that I would be just like… meh

My simple answer would be simple, by definition… idk

Let’s get to biology for a sec, what kept me living? hmmm, dopamine 🥴

hahaahahah… wait

So I just look up what happen if you block dopamine receptor, the answer is not as catastrophic as I imagine it would be… maybe

Idk, this post is not going anywhere, let’s bail out…

O, I just remember what this post is suppose to be about 😅

At the Curiosity and Love I said it as a quote… the quote was actually pretty good therefore I want to make a post about it… this post suppose to be about that quote 🙃

I live my life out of curiosity

Hari Anugrah 2019

I also got some quote that I posted to Instagram stories… not my original thought tho

Nothing can go on forever, therefore I can go on and on and on and on… and on


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