Clean your dishes ASAP! lesson learned

There’s this one scene from Charlotte that stay firmly in my memories, not a remarkable scene, but for some reason I just remember that scene… which in a way make the scene remarkable in its own way

Charlotte Anime

It is just a scene for joke, for laughter, nothing more… really, I’m not joking… but how the f that scene stay stuck in my head?!

So… lemme para-story (Like paraphrase but for story 🙃). Nao, Yuu and Yuu’s sister just finished dinner, Nao asked them to clean the dishes but Yuu refuses and want to do it the day after, Nao then insisted they have to clean the dishes today and she insisted to help

It’s kinda embarrassing to say, but this scene is probably the scene that I remember the most out of this anime… somehow 😅

Btw, I am that Yuu type… I will try to postpone doing dishes as long as I can. At home, I will just usually put my plate somewhere and let someone else doing the dishes đŸĨ´

But these days, at kost… I can’t just let my plate sitting somewhere not attended, no one will clean it for me… one reason that I missed home 😭

Okay… ideally I wouldn’t allow dirty plate etc lying around my room, ideally…

But what I found out often happen is, I would order food at GoFood or GrabFood, and they already contained in some sort of container, so I don’t need to use my own cutlery (This is the first time I use that word, congrats me)

I would eat the food, and because usually I eat really late, and my laziness, I will put the container near my sink and go on with life… I will throw the container the next day… ideally (Usually I throw trash twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, so yeah, a lot of nasty stuff there)

The lesson is not throw your trash daily or something like that, as the title said, clean your dishes ASAP! is the lesson I learned today

I’ve been having some smell problem in my room for couple of days, maybe even week… my theory is, as sad as it may sounds like, a cat maybe died on the platform of my room… there’s some logic that backed that theory

So the last couple of days I was like, yeah, it smells so bad, but what can I do. I try so hard to find other theory what cause the smell, other than death cat obviously; I just can’t let myself think a cat died

So, that’s one reason why I don’t act immediately about the smell

The smell also often just disappear without any explanation, I also only able smell the smell (uh) around my sink, and when I try to look for the source, the smell just kinda disappear

Here’s one other thing… I… brush my teeth… in the sink… retrospectively speaking… it was so disgusting

Oh yeah, I forgot to describe the smell… it was disgusting, I did mention I suspected the smell was coming from a dead cat or something right? Yeah, it was that nasty… I just know somehow it smell like rotting flesh (Just writing this made me wanna throw up ☚ī¸)

Two days ago, I got some other theory. I noticed that my sink was so dirty (I was too busy to notice that somehow)… maybe… just maybe, the smell came from this flake on the sink

I did some scrubbing with tissue, after couple minutes of cleaning, here’s the result

You can see how nasty my sink is… not that big of a deal because recently I eat out more often than not (Somehow eating out is cheaper than eating at my kost)

The sink is now clean (At least the best I could considering I only got tissue to clean it up with)… I tried to rinse it a couple of times, I notice the smell didn’t disappear, in fact it gotten worse

Maybe it’s because the flake is on my drainage system now… so I just closed the hole and fill the sink with water (My old knowledge of how toilet works at play here, see, these useless knowledge might be not useless after all)… then I slept over night

Yesterday I bought some milk (Because why not), drink a lot of it, I left some in a glass, then forgot it until this evening

The smell of the milk is so bad this evening (I didn’t smell the milk earlier this morning)… the smell of bad milk and that weird nasty scent… it’s complete… time to go home I thought

Nope I can’t, I just feel like I should stay here today, because the girl from curiosity and love might need my help (I thought), (I think I should give her some codename, maybe… Rive,,, cuRIosity and loVE??)

So… to pass time I just decided to clean my room. I organize my documents, SKPs, certificate, book… organise my cloths… move stuff around… and then… I notice something

Not some leftover container (As you might think because the long intro)… but just plate… some plates to be exact… at the corner of my room, next to the sink… just some plates, or so I thought

It’s not like I never seen this plate, I mean it’s literally there, in the plain sight, some plates stack on top of each other… I already notice it this morning, I want to check the plate for source of smell, but I brushed it off thinking it’s just some plates, and a plastic bag… also because I got sooooo late this morning, and exam… 😅

But now… this evening I mean… the sink is cleaned, the stuff around the sink is already moved (suitcase for my clothing, haven’t finish moving I guess), only three possible theories left in my mind

First, the cat thingy… which I tried to put aside because some mental conflict đŸĨ´

Second, the drain system… I closed the hole and shield it with water, but I still can smell it, which left me with

Third, these harmless looking plates… how these plates can produce such disgusting smell? not possible I thought

I moved the top most plates, and notice something… the plastic bag… IS NOT EMPTY, it was so near empty, but it wasn’t!!! the plate might not produce the smell, but this MIGHT!

I wiggle the plastic bag… and… it suddenly hit me… things now make sense!!! it was a really horrible sight


You see that? those are… maggot 😱🤮

So the smell I was smelling was indeed rotting flesh… or rather, rotting meat? rotting leftover?

I don’t quite remember what that leftover is, if I have to guess, it might be some leftover bubur (Porridge) that I bought from GrabFood when I didn’t feel well, October 2nd, 20 DAYS AGO! wha the eff

I just immediately feel disgusted to myself… that 22 days, I don’t always eat out, I did eat at my room… I eat… in radius less than 5 meters from that horrible sight

Needless to say… I learned my lesson~

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