Time to get back writing

Dang, it’s been a really long time since the last time I wrote and publish a post

Actually it has been only 20 days, considering I had in the past not post once in the span of months, this is not that big. But it sure feels really long, especially because the last couple of weeks is actually the things that I wanna write about in this blog

I think the concept of this blog doesn’t actually working out that great. Whenever I got busy (And therefore have something to talk about in a post), I… well… busy, I got no time to write anything

And whenever I got free time, well, I got freetime, I got nothing to write about


But, who cares… let’s just write anything that I want… especially since I already own a laptop now… oh yeah, that is also something that I wanna talk about… so busy

So, as you might (Probably not) know, I got busy, like the last time I got busy

I don’t actually post anything in this blog. My schedule the last couple of weeks include a competition called Millenial Techno Fiesta that I really really really work hard for (Project Dwianjana), moving out to a sharehouse (Kost), and the most tiring one: University Orientation

They’re not just one two event… they’re a bunch of event under one umbrella, like for example my University Orientation, just the core event include PKKMB U, SDU 1, SDU 2, PKKMB FT, and SDFT. There’re also preparation event like contribution and so many that I don’t feel like writing now

Millenial Techno Fiesta actually only have two days core event, on 8th of August (Presentation) and on 14th (Winner announcement in Pesta Kesenian Bali), but I actually already prepared for it like… since February.. you know, I’ve been building Project Dwianjana for quite a long time

So yeah… yesterday I finish the main time taker for me (Orientation) and now I can take my time for writing, especially now I got so much free time in my new kost

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