Project Dwianjana machine learning data is now public


So much thing happening, so little update that I posted, I need to post my stories asap but I will probably just forgot it

And I just realized my latest update was in May, 3 months ago, and you now know how much effort that I put into this project

Yeah, I am really salty that all those effort that I put into this project, only got 4th place, seriously, compare to the other contestant, this is the best one, bias I might be, this is the most complex app there

I can make the apps they made easily (Except the VR one, called Kiwa Tengen check it out, probably a bit more effort), but they probably can’t make mine… probably 😂

Arrogant I may sounds, I really put a lot. like A LOT of effort into this project. Do you guys know how hard it’s to learn and understand Machine Learning?!

And the Data Collection! O may gat! even to this day, the data is not enough!

But as part of my promise in the presentation, the slide that the jury annoyingly doesn’t see, I said that I would open source my data

About that jury things, the invitation said that I got 10 minutes to present my presentation. Not enough, usually I would present something like 40 minutes or something, I am good at presentation, but I can work with it. I made the presentation barely above 9 minutes mark according to my trial. But the jury was like, lightly said “Do it in 5 minutes” like wtf, the document said I got 10, and 5?! I will tell it in another post

As I said before, I only got 4th place… so I am not oblige to publish these data. But as a part of my dedication for education (Remember Project Letisha guys?), I will publish it anyways

The presentation was on August 8th, the winner announcement was on August 14th (There’s an incredible story happening there and then, wait for it! A struggle for me to finally get my first ever best award, but…) But I was incredibly busy as you may know (Read more here)

And I finally got free time today, finished my business yesterday, and got some meeting tomorrow… so decided to publish it today… Shit, it’s already 1AM

You can access the datasets at GitHub

Hope you guys can make something out of it… I will make my “skripsi” out of it probably

I take pride on my work… especially this one… so you can say that I am a bit salty about my lose here. I DESERVE TO WIN!

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