My first back to hometown story

Yesterday I promised to re-start writing consistently, or was it earlier today? The point is here is your story, I mean my story, or whatever

So as you may know, I’ve been away, not just from writing, in this context I’ve been away from home as well

I left home August 11th 2019 and today is August 19th 2019, so I’ve been sleeping away from home for 9 days, that is the longest record I have to this point

Probably my prior record is 5 days, like 5 days at hotel for OSN (Which I found the diary, will talk about it later), 5 days Study Tour to Jawa

9 days huh, I should head home tomorrow, so I can say 10 days, a nice round number. Oh yeah, you may wondering why I decided to go home today

Well, I actually decided to go back home at August 24th (So I can watch Weathering With You) literally yesterday night (I just finished my orientation yesterday evening), so why am I so indecisive?

Well, earlier this morning I still didn’t think of heading home, mostly because I was asleep (Dang, I only woke up at 10.30), but when I take a shower at evening at 15.00 (Yeah, I was lazy today), I saw that I run out of clothing to wear, so yeah… I could reuse them, but hey, underwear shouldn’t be reused (Looking at you Big Hero 5!)

So yeah, I changed my mind, and with my motorcycle went home for like 1 hour and 40 minutes drive (Done it several times in the past, before I have a kost, forth and back even)

I brought a totebag in my motorcycle’s full with wet clothing
A travel bag full with used clothing
And a backpack with my laptop and some cable

It was really troublesome to bring the last 2, maybe in the future I will just rent a laundry…

At first I wear the travelbag at my back (Really troublesome, it’s not a backpack), and I put my backpack around my legs (My motorcycle is Vario 150 btw), if I fell I don’t think my MacBook will broke especially inside my bag… then I remember that a car might run across it, so after few KMs I changed my strategy… just preparing the worse case scenario

Here’s the thing, the first thing I noticed when I arrive at my hometown is it’s really cold here

Especially that my bedsheet and blanket at my kos now, I left with just a old bedsheet and no blanket… well, I should get myself…

Along the way home, I notice that my main priority is my grandmother while I literally just forgot about my cat

My grandmother will have a cataract surgery in few days, I hope to be there… the thing is I only remember about Cross (My cat) at the later quarter of my journey home. That is weird, especially how much I miss it

The other thing that I think I will miss so much, but I just forgot is fast internet… I’ve been getting really bad internet at my kost (Except the latest few days) and even later I still have slow and limited internet. I thought I will really miss my 30Mbps unlimited internet, but not really… I still thought about my grandmother the most

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I haven’t eat since morning, and now it’s 20:17, I should probably eat soon

Oh yeah, one more thing… I thought my sister would occupy my room home when I am away, well probably she is, but my bedroom looks messy and incomplete (My bedsheet and blanket which is an integral part of this room are not here), I don’t think she sleep here, probably she just scared sleeping alone, in a room with big windows facing directly to front door

Something that I kinda worry about, now that I have two rooms like 50KMs away, like 1 and a half hour drive, one in the middle of Bali, while the other in the south side of Bali… I afraid that I go to one room while leaving something in the other… like I afraid that I bring my MacBook home while the charger left in the other side of Bali

So yeah… I also notice that half of my facility now are in my kos like blanket bedsheet toothpaste soap etc… while the other half like documents keyboard guitar wifi are at home… which is annoyoing

Oh yeah… books… the book that I wanna read is at my other room now… guess I have to wait to read it again 😂

Here are some vid that I want to post to Instagram Stories

And some pictures, cuz why nut

Part of my photos of Hari
Not 9 days of trash, probably just 3 or 4, I have plan to sell trash to a waste bank

Hope you guys have a wonderful days~

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