Internet for my kost

I moved in to my kost at August 11th, this is my first ever time having a kost of my own

My grandfather have a kost of his own, not as a tenant (As I am now), but he actually an owner of a kost… yeah

When I was Senior High School, as you may know if you read this blog in this past, I usually went to Galih’s kost. In fact a lot of stories that I write in this blog, Galih’s kost have something to do with it

Like that one from November 2016, … whoa! writing that month and year make me cry… what a crybaby am I, whoa… seriously, why am I sad, I missed the moments I and we spent there

It’s been awhile

Wait, this post isn’t suppose to be about that! Even tho, I should write a homage post for that place where a lot of my 3 years were spent

Ever since I moved to this kost around 2 weeks ago, I’ve been experimenting a lot, and also experience a lot

But one thing that I experience that I hate, is my very very bad internet. Back at home, I have a 30mbps indihome (Which should be 20mbps btw), and that is unlimited, fast, perfect for me

Even when my wifi is down, or I go outside my comfortable house, I still have my mobile data. Not as fast as my wifi, limited, but it’s stable and enough for 720p on YouTube, it’s enough… also as a bonus, it’s not that expensive (Considering the quality), and Instagram and YouTube is unlimited

But… and it’s a big but. My access to internet been bad recently ever since I moved here. It didn’t started as annoying, mostly because I literally got no time for internet and spent most of my time off gadget (Orientation at UNUD)

But then I don’t get as busy anymore, and in my holidays (13th and 17th of August), this bad internet really got me crazy. This is actually a big part of why I went back home at 19th (Other than the reason that I stated in that post tho)

On 13th we also got task to make Twibbon (That Instagram promotion thing). The template that we have to use, is not that big (Around 13MB), but dang, it took me around 2 hours to download. Something that would took me around 3 seconds at home, took me hours here

Worst part? That is still the same mobile data provider that I praise earlier, it’s Indosat Ooredoo, yeah, I don’t mind putting their name here, in fact I would love to

I complain to their CS. Then, I think they restarted their tower or something, but my signals was lost, my friend’s IM3 also lost signals, so it’s not an isolated problem. My internet definitely improved, but still not to an acceptable level

I tried to research around this area, asked my friends, etc etc, asked shop and locale. I found out that IM3 is indeed is not that great around Jimbaran. Not only that, XL and Telkomsel are also bad (Tho I didn’t actually confirm this my own, but multiple people said it) , so… I was at a really bad place, major mobile data provider doesn’t have good coverage here

Then, I made a plan… how can I do my work, and my entertainment, and my education without internet… Nope, nothing… I was desperate. My only option then was just one, using Tamnet (Internet spot) at my university

Problem is, my kost is far from my university, around 10 minutes ride, and passing major road (Therefore a lot of traffic, I hate traffic around here, people are just so selfish)

Since this was my only option, I need to maximize this option. How? I should move kost, but I don’t want to, this kost is just so nice, feels so homie, so comfortable… But I also don’t want to go to my uni every time I need to look for something in the internet (Which is a lot, programmer need a lot of internet since documentation is on the internet)

Well, I just need to bare with it… for 4 years?! Heck no

So I did some research again. It’s 15th of August, and a friend of mine named Bendesa said that he is using Smartfen, and he is pretty happy with it. I proceed to ask him some question at the night to make sure should I buy Smartfren

I asked him to do Speedtest, some package available, how’s the limit, etc… Let’s just say he is not great with technology and was busy, so he can’t assist me that well

So the next day, I still did some research…. But nothing useful, Bendesa also can’t assist me. So I just don’t know what to do, please keep in mind that I don’t have unlimited money to try every single provider available, also as Indonesian I need to register every single number that I use, and it’s quite an annoying process, especially since it have some limit to how many number can be associated to one’s identity

After some time passed, late at night, I just don’t having it anymore… I even consider moving to non-regular UNUD, even drop out of college that I haven’t even spend a day in yet

I always appreciate my internet, but at that point I just feel like I can’t live without it

So yeah, I get out of my kost and went to some adventure, looking for a shop that sells sim card (I still new to this area, don’t know where shop are), found one… found a couple

I asked him what provider are good around here, he said Telkomsel (Yeah, conflicting information), but he said IM3 and XL definitely not good around here

I found that as weird, initially at least. XL and IM3, and Telkomsel and any provider in fact, should put a lot of attention to this area. Remember that this is a college area, a lot, like A LOT of students are gathered around this small area, they should capitalize that fact, right? I mean, this area is just gold mine for internet provider

Then I realize, maybe that’s not actually desireable (Yeah, I have this new philosophy of asking, is it actually desireable?, will talk about it in the future), a lot of customer compacted into a small area is just asking for problem, their bandwidth probably also not enough, adding more tower probably just introduce interference…

That is why, small provider like Smartfren is actually the one that flourish around here, not that many customer fight for bandwidth, also their limit is low (1GB in my case) so no one abusing their bandwidth

Let me just clarify this tho, 1GB per day is nowhere enough for me, just this session (Less than 12 hours use of internet maybe), I already use over 5GBs, just in my Maki, and that is still low because I spent most of my day sleeping (I was tired because of yesterday)

But hey, I was desperate, I just need to use it really, like really REALLY sparingly. It was quite a hard decision tho, it’s quite expensive, Rp.85K, and I was a bit tight on money around then, and I know for a fact that this is not actually enough…

After a lot of consideration, I did at the end just buy it, register it under my identity. Gladly, it works nicely, it’s quite fast, enough for 480p YouTube at least, there’s even time when the Speedtest reached 10mbps (Small b), but that was late at night, and pretty rare. At least Smartfren is stable, quite fast, and enough quota for Line and WhatsApp

I already wrote like, how many paragraphs? And I still haven’t started talking about the thing that I actually want to talk about 😂


That was quite a lot background story I put there, took me an hour, but here’s the actual thing I want to write about

Back around before I bought that Smartfren, when I research locale people what good provider are, another resident of my kost (A mother) who were cleaning our yard, said that she use indihome here for her children (Btw he said Telkomsel is good here, a long time ago that is)

So I immediately got an idea, just idea tho, what if I joined on her wifi? I save that idea and go on with whatever thing I had to do back then. Then at night I think about that idea more seriously, but reached on inconclusive conclusion at the end

Reason? The wifi is used by a family (Maybe 5 people), they probably don’t use it that much because they’re adult and children, none (Probably) are teenager; I don’t know what the speed of their internet, limit etc; And the biggest problem of all, I don’t see her that often, the biggest problem, period. I don’t think I can just go to her part of the house…

So yeah, I save that idea for later, if I ever get to know her and her family, or just got time to talk


Afternoon August 17th, when I go out (Maybe looking for a food), I saw some people running some cable around, I noticed the cable is a fiber optic cable. I asked them what they’re doing, they said they’re connecting internet here, specifically indihome (Not biznet because it’s too far)

Oh, that idea come back to mind, but I was pre occupied by something so I just left… Then I forgot about it, and came back home at 19th

I got back to kos at 23rd, still got annoyed by my internet, using Smartfren primarily, then when I hit the 1GB mark I switch to IM3, really annoying

I still figuring out a way to join in either wifi, either the mom, or whoever have this new wifi installed on

Then it hit me, why don’t I just hack it? Yeah stupid idea, I did tried it out, script kitties way. My plan was, to hack their wifi, then asked to join in, if they don’t allow me, I will tell them that I know their password, basically all around bad idea

But really, for some reason I got hooked to hacking stuff, I don’t plan to use the wifi without the owner permission, but really, it got me interested

The first method that came to mind was, to bruteforce it, but, well, I don’t know how. So I just look around the internet to find how to hack internet 😆 . I learn some method of how to hack internet, the fact that wifi have a lot of hole in it, like WPS and stuff… I also learn about WPS Pin (That I found out as a weird thing, why would vendor put something unchangeable, if known by someone, that one can easily connect to the router even when the owner change the password; Especially they put the pin on the physical router)

I also learn a bit about Kali-linux, how to hack with Mac, Android and Linux… I tried several method, but obviously ended up failing. I even somehow shut down my Mac (It just turned off like that) without anything, I think a program just crashed and shut down my Mac (Probably app called Reaver), thankfully no long lasting effect

At least I tried tho, I also learned some stuff. The fact that I failed is actually quite desirable, I don’t know if I can hold myself not to use the wifi if I know the password. But it was quite late, so I just sleep

August 25th happen, jalan santai for Ritech expo in the morning, helping a friend of mine (Widhi) whose helmet got stolen in the afternoon, being BKFT comittee in the evening. So, it was an exhausting day.

Then I went back to kost, change clothing, go out and eat, get back to kost, I saw some other kost residents outside, but I just too tired. As I open my door, one of them ask me to eat together (They plan to do barbecue), he is Wira (Around August 15th he also give me some watermelon). So I just said that I already eat, but I would love too.

I didn’t plan anything then, my mind just pre-occupied with sleeping. Then I got inside, watch some videos, shower etc (Not smart, I should probably join them grilling outside). I made my plan here

My plan was something like this: First, spend time together with them (Especially with the other two, they’re shy), get to know them; Eat with them, and initiate some random conversation; Make up my mind, should I proceed with my plan or not; Complain about my internet here; Ask them about good internet provider here (Still doing research); Then asked them can I join in with them with the wifi.

The fun thing is, which I glad, the plan going perfectly, as soon as I asked them good internet provider here, Wira suggested me to join in with them. Got them (Or he got me, about it later). I spend some times asking the other two (Pandu and Rama) are they okay with it (I really don’t want to bother them with the internet), I also asked a lot of other question

Like, how we split the electric bill (Pandu initiated the conversation), how their college life, etc etc etc… I learn a lot there about them, like Pandu and Rama are part of BEM, they are on the same faculty, Pandu is the first one in this kost, Wira got to this kost late (Not sure when, probably around this semester), they’re on their third semester… etc

I assume Wira got to this kost quite recently, he is a gamer, so he register the wifi under his name, they split the bill and Wira pay more since he use the most of it (He said 30mbps is necessary for him, not sure why tho, I think 20mbps is the perfect speed for us)

But, at the end, I just decided to join them. Initially I will just talk about it but not actually join in immediately. But the timing is just perfect, I can’t make the same opportunity again I think. I made this rule in the past that I wouldn’t make big investment the same day I did research on them, I already follow this rule when I buy this MacBook (Which took year btw), and ReksaDana

But really, the timing is just so good. So I said I would join them

Here’s the thing, the way that it just happen so smoothly kinda stuck in my mind, either I am just so good at negotiation (Which I kinda are, but not really), or they actually want me to join in

It does make a lot of sense, I can reduce the amount they have to pay, 600k divide by 4 instead of divide by 3. They also thought that I wouldn’t take much bandwidth (Which I explain to them I probably the biggest user of the internet). But, in the end, it works out nicely for both party, as I learn in a video a couple days ago, wait, let me find it

I don’t know which video was it (Probably by Louis Rossman), I watched too many YouTube, a proof that I use a lot of their bandwidth (But hey, it’s 30mbps, it literally wouldn’t be noticeable). I learned that, a business need to make sense, for both party that is, it can’t just benefit one party, it have to benefit both party for it to works

Dang I really hope I can find that video

That’s it, I negotiated myself to fix my internet problem, I think this is a really comfortable kost now, maybe need some rice cooker etc, but hey I got my internet back.

Just to be clear, they’re all nice, I tried my best to be nice, I followed my morale compass, I might do some manipulation, but it’s good for both party. I just hope this relationship doesn’t end

Hope this is a good thing, and I glad god helped me, and I hope you learn something~

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