I love Weathering With You better than Kimi no Na Wa

So, as I said in yesterday’s post, I will write a simple review of the ani movie that is Tenki no Ko, or you may know it as Weathering with You, and no… it’s not going to be a comprehensive review in any way

In fact, I already forgot the name of the two main character 😂 Lemme google it

The title of the movie is Tenki no Ko in Japanese, which translated directly to English as the child of weather, but I guess Weathering with You is a way better name. The name of the movie is quite accurate to the content of the movie, related to weather

I want to set one thing straight here, I REALLY LIKE THIS MOVIE. In my opinion Weathering with You is better in every single way than Kimi no Nawa (Your name), except for one, music

Which btw, here I found the ost which published back in July… somehow

Kimi no Na wa just have objectively more and better music, this doesn’t mean Tenki no Ko’s music is bad, but I personally can say that I only like around 4 music in Tenki no Ko… or song… Tenki no Ko have fewer song, and therefore fewer great song

But dang… the good song that it have, is really good, especially “Ai ni Dekiru Koto wa Mada Aru Kai” and that ending and middle one… which I already forgot

Kimi no Nawa have a lot of great music… that is just a fact

But story wise, Tenki no Ko is better in every single way

I don’t know, I can’t really pin point it, but their journey, Hina and Hodaka‘s journey, I can somehow relate to them.

Maybe that is because currently I am far away from home, just like Hodaka…

Honestly, at first I was kinda worry, there’s one lingering question that is quite important that they didn’t answer in the beginning, in fact they never address it satisfyingly. Like, why tf Hodaka escape from home?! What’s up with his parent?! Like, seriously, we were given absolutely 0 background to his character

Which prove to be a problem for me for the first 3 quarter of the movie and the ending… basically the majority of the movie

Character motivation is the key for story telling, for relatable story telling at least. And Hodaka only have a thin motivation to go to Tokyo

So, I don’t really like Hodaka’s characterization… but the other character? I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, especially Hina. Hina’s background is fleshed out so much that we as the viewer can understand why she did what she did, we maybe would do the same thing if we were at her shoe

Work hard for family, especially younger brother/sister…

Speaking of which, I love how Nagi (Hina’s younger brother) was characterised… what started off as a bad (But funny) impression, flipped out 180 degree… from “he is just playboy” to “he is just plain genius”


Suga? He is the realistic person of them all. He took the best (But moraly debatable) choices. Some of his last decision kinda weird tho. But his decision to betray Hodaka for the sake of his daughter custody is just feel so wrong (For a movie’s story standpoint) but we understand the reasoning completely that we actually cheer for him

But Hodaka, his decision is just so childish, even Hina made way better decision than he did. His approach (Those two times he shot a gun) for a problem is just wrong, I feel like if only he approach the problem a bit differently, no gun would be shot

This movie is just tragic, everybody hurt… everybody’s relative just… died, I guess.

The montage… when finally Hina and Hodaka make money and work while still having fun, is just so satisfying, I really want to cry watching those montage, I think I like the music that played during this montage,. so…. much

Let’s change gear a bit here, and talk about visual,. well, what could I say, it just freaking good. The light especially.

Hina appearance is so cute, Hodaka is unique, Suga is effective… the main cast are designed really nicely, I like it… I like the chara design better than Kimi no Na wa, but not as much as Koe no Katachi and No Game No Life Zero

Unfortunately, the rain visuals is not that good, the audio for the rain is, mediocre I guess… The rain (Not the sky, the sky is beautiful) looks just like 3 frames repeated over and over again. Overall, the visual are just really great.

But, since I already got tired now, I will talk about the thing that I love so much about this movie, the ending.

Have you watched a movie, or story in any medium, where the ending just undo the character decisions? Well… that doesn’t happen here


Sometimes in stories, the main character can undo what his decision was. But here, Hodaka take full responsibility for his decision, and that is just so plain nice

His struggle doesn’t feel goes to waste, bad decision as it might be, we as the viewer can understand why he choose that decision (Finally he made good decision), which ultimately lead to Tokyo got flooded again

Usually, writer will just cancel Hina’s power once he came back with Hodaka, not here. The act of bringing back Hina toTokyo, did in fact brought back the rain (Instead of not), this make Hodaka’s choice have meaning and weight, and I just appreciate it so much

3 years have passed, these 3 years is not explained that nicely by the writer. Like, Hodaka did sacrifice Tokyo to save Hina, but he just so scared to met her, like… what?! But, I let it slide for some reason

When Hodaka graduated and became a university student, he come back to Tokyo which has flooded. We understand that he want to deny that people lost their homes because of Hodaka’s decision, we understand it, the story lead us to believe Hodaka is not the one who responsible for this (Even when we pretty much know exactly that he IS the one who caused this)

If in the ending, Hodaka did deny his responsibility for his action, I believe the ending wouldn’t be as powerful as it is. He did contemplating his decision, and want to deny his responsibility (Which is humane), but when he finally said


That… is… just… so… powerful. I really rarely saw character take responsibility for their action, I hate when they get away with their bad decision. But here, Hodaka who I complained was childish, did take his responsibility and live with it… and embrace it… that is one big kick

Not only that, this is not just a one sided responsibility either. Hina, when they finally met after that 3 years time leap. Pray. Which show that she feel that she is responsible for the flood. They both made the decision, and own the responsibilities of their action… WHOA! That is just so powerful

Oh yeah, did I mention that Hina is so cute there

Their age gap is kinda underused honestly, like there’s more potential that they can explore by the fact that Hina fake his resume, and pretended like she is the oldest… but 2 hours is just not enough time

I just want Makoto Shinkai to put everything he want to his movie, I don’t care if the movie is 6 hours long (I actually do care, but…) I just want to see them more, it feel so lonely when the movie actually did finish

This is just my personal opinion on the matter, maybe I will write a better review next time. But I just want to put this review as fast as I can, before I forgot how I feel about this movie

Actually this is already late, I should write this review yesterday, since I was still emotional, and still remember the storyline clearly… but I was just too busy, still is right now

Here is the thing, I don’t quite can pin point… did watching the movie made me emotional, or the fact that I was emotional and then watched the movie made me feel like this is a great movie

But sure as heck this is a really great movie

Maybe my current leaderboard is something like this

  1. Koe no Katachi, still the best
  2. No Game No Life: Zero, still the most epic
  3. Tenki no Ko

Some Detective Conan Movie spread there. And you may notice that I don’t put Kimi no Na Wa there, well, honestly tho, I don’t really like Kimi no Na Wa

The title of this post is kinda click baity, of course Weathering with You is better than Kimi no Na Wa (IMO), since I don’t think Kimi no Na Wa is that great in the first place

But here is another footnote, I and Arya Wiguna thought this is a really great movie, while Depung and Galih doesn’t really have the same opinion

Depung thought Kimi no na wa is still better than Weathering with You. While Galih just said that he doesn’t really like Makoto Shinkai’s movies overall

So yeah, this is highly subjective, but I sure recommend you to watch this movie, this is just too great of a movie to skip

Oh yeah, another thing that I notice, The movie is not in wide screen format, so I watch the movie in the cinema have this ugly side black panel (Which I forgot the name), I think it still in 16:9 format, kinda annoying, but hey, this is anime after all, but they should make the 21:9 version, if possible that is

Hina and Hodaka is just so great together, so cute, I feel so relieved they got together… much like I love how I finally see Felix Pewdiepie married Marzia, so cute, so heartwarming, so sad but in the good way….

I genuinely don’t think I give this movie justice by this review, I should rewatch it and make a better comprehensive review about it… if possible that is…

Oh yeah one more thing that I completely forgot, the trailer is misleading, but in the good way, there’s two plot point in the trailer that is just kinda click baity, misleading… but again, in the good way…

It will be sunny now~

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