The Key Man

There is this story that I watched on YouTube several years back. It was about a host of a channel (A pretty popular one no less) that got replaced (Or replaced himself) which cause the channel to lose subscriber

The channel I talking about is, RayWilliamJohnson (Need to look up Google to find it, I forgot it)

I watch a video explaining a list of YouTube channels that was once popular that lost subscribers, one of which is RayWilliamJohnson. I think.

As I remember it, I think the channel lost significant amount of subs because Ray replaced himself as the host of the channel. That video brought this type of issue to my attention

Then, also a couple of years ago, coincidentally, I identified this problem with Linus’s channels, Linus Media Group‘s channels in general, I mean the name of the channel literally start with the word Linus

A couple days ago, LTX2019 happen, maybe still is now(?), and that video (At the top of this post) recorded, I just watch it now

And yeah, Linus aware of that problem, and actively trying to lessen his role as the main man in the company. In this video, Steve throw the term The Key Man, which is exactly the term that describe my issue

Basically, Linus is the face, the host and almost literally everything of the company. When people talk about LTT they would thought of Linus. Then what would happen if something happen to him (Hopefully never)? The LMG would basically dead, all the employees would lose jobs despite the fact only one of the team lost

The role of Linus is irreplaceable. But as a company owner, we would usually think about the livelihood of our company (And therefore employees) even after our demise. Linus notice this problem, and already taking active action into reducing the issue, some of which is to let other writer to host some videos

Like this one for example

By making his own role less of a Key Man, Linus can ensure that LMG would survive even IF Linus got into accident

As I said before, I also aware of this issue since a couple years back (And yeah, I love being ahead of the curve), therefore I already started branding the company that I wanna build, with something that is organic, that is not something identic with me

Angan Sore and undoneCreation are two of them. I made them with the intention of growing it as A company, I tried to separate myself as a person with the company

The channel Hari Anugrah in the other hand, is something significant with me, something that I did on purpose to brand with myself on it, like my opinion, my bias, my view of the world etc. So it makes sense to name it with my name, I mean the entire premise of the channel is about my personality

Other than that, maybe other reason I named it Hari Anugrah was because, I just didn’t put thought into it ๐Ÿ˜…I mean, I made the channel MAYBE before I aware of this problem

Now, let’s talk about a bit of evil side in me. I had once this thought of, being the most important person, like in the company. I once thought how nice it would be to be the single most important person in the company, so everybody would admire us, and our hardwork. And since that was my only purpose of building that hypothetical company, I don’t really care about the company once I passed… Yeah, maybe I am not so pure hearted ๐Ÿ˜†

Oh yeah, I think in one of the WAN SHOW they talk about changing what LTX stand for once. I propose to do something like PHP, like… PHP stand for PHP Hypertext Processing (If I’m not mistaken), yeah, a recursion, an acronym that have the acronym inside it

PHP stands forย PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. This confuses many people because the first word of the acronym is the acronym. This type of acronym is called a recursive acronym…

PHP Site


Let’s talk about something new that I learned in that vid, the probation period… When I heard that LMG use this system the first time, I kinda understand why, but not really. In this video, they show one good example

Have you guys heard about lottery syndrome? … Wait, lemme find the official name… The sudden wealth syndrome

I made aware of this syndrome from a lot story in internet about people that won lottery that gone broke, even more broken than they was before they won. I think one of the initial vid that made me interested is one of Alux vid

Maybe also some Reddit stories etc… so yeah, I am aware of this problem, and that is a big deal, being aware is the first step to avoid or solve a problem

This knowledge really helped me couple weeks ago btw, when my aunt sent me EUR2500. Even me, someone who aware of this syndrome still almost felt to the trap of spending, of the sudden wealth syndrome (Just imagine people that doesn’t aware of it)

Basically I am vulnerable of it, even tho I am aware of it

Then, the lesson from that vid. LinusTechTips channel is big, like, really big. When they hire someone new, that guy would jump a lot of step, and therefore the lesson along the way of growing LTT

One of them is, hate comment. The beauty of growing up along the channel is, when you are 100 subs, you only got hate from 100 subs, when you’re 1000 subs you only got hate from 1000 subs. And because you grow WITH the channel, you just slowly becoming resistant to hate comment


The new guy would jump over those growing up steps. Like, right now, LTT is in 8.9M subscribers mark. Imagine what a guy that previously never got hate comment, now got hate comment from just 1% of that 8.9M feels?!

Linus’s solution is to slowly include the new guy, probation first, then skit, then sidekick, then co-host and then host… like Anthony… Basically growing the new guy with the channel artificially, with a lot of speed up that is, WHILE IN THE SAME TIME, growing the viewers to be attached to this new guy

Remember, people hate change. But when they don’t notice it, change doesn’t really that matter. So do the changing slowly.

Linus’s number is 2 years. 2 years is the number Linus think is perfect for a new guy to become from a just A NEW GUY to a HOST

That is a great lesson…

Btw, I wanna talk about that EUR2500 story, but maybe not now…

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