That Kyoto Animation Fire

Whoa, It’s been a month since I wrote my latest post, and today, instead of writing those experience that I’ve been gaining the last two months or so, I will write about something that I, can’t predict I will ever write about

KyoAni, or Kyoto Animation, got fired, that is wrong. One of KyoAni’s studio/building was on fire yesterday

… I wrote those two paragraph two days ago, I have no idea what to write here, haha :’v

All my wishes for the family and Kyoani as a company

I legit cry imagining myself on their shoe. I kinda late knowing the news, one of my friend on the Graveyard WA group say something about it, but I just brush it off since that group is basically us being silly

Then I see it, in a web where I look for anime, I was shook, then I look for news, and yeah, I didn’t expect something like this would happen

Especially because KyoAni is one of my favorite anime studio, think Hyouka, Silent Voice, and more

Such a good company, got into this kind of ‘incident’… or rather, someone deliberately try hmmm, arson… the first time I heard and use this word, the first time I became aware of this whole category of words, is that time my favorite anime studio got burned

Don’t get me wrong, it’s just one of their studio, don’t talk like KyoAni is over, but damn, I can’t imagine how much loss is it on their side

Because of one stupid person, keep in mind the information is still unclear, no motive, it’s not even confirmed yet if this person really the one who started this whole accident

Yeah, I just rumbling around here

Imagine this, you’re one of the executive of KyoAni, you’ve been trying so hard to act nicely and behave good, then, somebody tried to burned your company. Thinking about it somehow hurt my feeling

Just few days before the accident happen, I came across one of the vid that I watch several years ago, the Austin Evan’s Fire

I thought to myself when watching their vid, it’s sure is nice to get someone’s help because you’re nice

I didn’t even think that something like that would happen… just couple days later

July 13th, I came across one of their YouTube vid and tweet about it. I was impressed, but kinda infuriated that they still use Windows 7

The whole accident happen, maybe hour after they upload this trailer vid

I think this trailer have something to do with the motive, but… it’s just my emotional feeling trying to justify something missing

33 people died, and more got hurts, according to Wikipedia on 2010 they have 130 employees… just imagine that

I’m a big fans on Naoko Yamada’s Silent Voice, I just so glad that she survive

Tons of talent got lost in that incident because of one guy, dare I say the valueless brought down the valuable with it?!

Not just the people, but their hard work, their legacy. Idk how exactly anime studio works, I just hope they have digital backup of the works done in that studio… Then I also got news that one of their movie, Free! Summer 2020 got cancelled (Or postponed?)

Hopefully it really was just the trailer that got affected, I don’t want to see someone’s hardwork never see the light of day ( )

This event is just plain weird for me… idk the motive etc, I also don’t get why the fire can be that devastating, this is Japan right? I assume they have great fire suppression system

News use the word gasoline-like liquid, what is that thing exactly? It seems like they up to something but not really clear about it, is the suspect good at chemistry? just plain weird for me

The act of donating financially and buying their digital product is really nice. But I would suggest buying their product more than donating. There’s huge possibility that they won’t accept donation

I know I won’t… we’re not someone you should donate to… I also don’t really trust this Sentai Filmworks account at Gofundme, mostly because their avatar :’v

Yeah, most of this writing is just me being emotional… this post doesn’t hold that much weight…

But heck it’s nice to see people care about KyoAni, YouTuber specifically, Digibro etc…

Idk what to say… hmmm :’)


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