So, why I haven’t write anything lately

Simple, just small technical problem, along with some commitment decision, and some existential crisis. You know, simple stuff

The last post I published was like, exactly 3 weeks ago, May 29

To be fair, I still active in internet. Just not on this blog, mostly because I split my attention that previously only to this blog. Those attention now divided toward my Twitter account, my journal, personal improvement, piano and project #Dwianjana


I more active on Twitter, mostly because it’s way easier. Usually I would spend 1 to 2 hours writing blog post, but on Twitter, I can get away with writing short post

It started by me finding out that a lot of professional, especially designer and programmer, also company usually active on Twitter

So yeah, I share a lot of my thought on my Twitter, the content I usually write in this blog

I also share things that I found interesting on Twitter, the content that I usually post under the category Interesting

I love when people know that I ahead of the curve, and I use this blog to fulfill that. But writing a 1 hour post for every new things that I learned each day, I can safely say 24 hours is not enough

Even on Twitter, sometimes I stopped myself from writing tweet since I don’t want to spam my thought there

Delucy SSL Problem

As you may (Or may not) know, I host this blog infrastructure myself, well, I manage it myself

I will write post about My Delucy Infrastructure later, it’s quite interesting, rewarding, and quite a nice learning process for me

But the problem with that is… this whole server infrastructure is prone to error. Prone is prone, yeah, my entire infrastructure was down for a week and a half

It started with me trying out Flutter Web, then I got a good (BAD) idea, how about I build my Landing Page using Flutter Web?!

Yeah, that post says it all, 4 minutes later I tweet this

Yeah, I didn’t understand the magnitude of the problem then. I only understand it one and a half week later

I will write about that later at #Delucy, it was a both stupid, small, and weird things happen

But that was June 5th, what happen between May 29th and June 5th? Idk, I don’t quite remember, but probably something along these line

I need to redirect 2 hours that I spent on this blog toward Project Dwianjana (I write usually at my most productive time during the day, may use it for something more beneficial, right?);

This blog doesn’t yield me enough value, it doesn’t generate any money (For 6 month I’ve been blogging, I got less than $1);

I got interested in way more things than I should, like, Machine Learning, Piano and Book


Yeah, I put most of my resource toward Project #Dwianjana. It is like my existential crisis thingy, I will go to college in like 2 months, I want to prove to myself, I make the right decision

I can make a living out of programming

There’s this event that Diah told me on February called Millenial Techno Fiesta, and the deadline is like in July. There’s more story into it, Things happen for a reason, it’s quite an interesting tale to tell, but too complex to actually tell

I also started learning Machine Learning thanks to my idea to make Project Rhea, and lemme tell you, it’s hard to learn when you got like no lead. Math concept that I already know, have different name in English 😢, ‘rumus abc’ or ‘quadratic formula’ :’V


I’ve been documenting my daily life more on my journal recently, started from May 11th, I record meta data like time of sleep, how much water I drank each day, my mood, things I done, some note etc

This was my custom made school notebook. That butterfly logo btw, is Project Letisha. I miss it

Since I am not actively writing note for school these days (I graduated from high school), I decided to use this B5 notebook for my journal, my todo list (Yeah, I don’t use digital todo anymore), and my idea note

Yeah, old one, the format been changing a lot, and a whole lot of personal information so I can’t just randomly take a pic of it

Oh yeah, I also note my spending here until I finish my Project Riwallet


Yeah, I try to spend more time toward my YouTube channels, yeah plural, Hari Anugrah, undoneCreation and Angan Sore, tho I don’t actually upload the video/script that I make, except this one for some reason, and my reaction to Ms. Build, I haven’t upload my Google I/O reaction tho

Oh yeah, I also spend way too much time watching YouTube, to be fair most of them are tutorial, education channel, and music. But I still easily spend 8 hours a day on YouTube (According to YouTube app), thankfully I do multi tasking

Book, writing

Yeah, I started both reading more and writing a new novel concept

I am reading some biography book that I bought last year (Around June, what a nice timing), it started as my way to wind down to sleep each night, but it still took like one hour a day to read like 50 pages, not that I complaining tho

I also started writing a novel concept that I call Alleviate, but I probably will reuse my old novel name “#Divinity“, an open source novel idea, sounds weird

Surprisingly I don’t watch that much anime lately


Yeah, I started learning piano, again. I use the app SimplyPiano. I have quite a nice improvement lately

I won’t comment that much here since like, this post already took 2 hours, and I want to write this on its own post

I actually want to upload a vid, but, meh, this a vid from June 4th 2019 btw

“Day Job”

Yeah, air quote, well, it’s a real quotes actually. I spend more time with my grandparent, especially during the day

I will have not that much time home when I go to college, and… I want to spend some quality time with them…

One bad things about me- if I don’t actually have things todo somewhere, I wouldn’t go there. I wouldn’t just standing outside with nothing todo, I need reason to be somewhere. If I don’t have reason to be there, I wouldn’t be there… it doesn’t sounds bad, but it is

But yeah, I got things todo, I helped my grandfather making something called ‘mute’, I would sit beside my grandparent, and it does feel nice, quality time

English Learning

If you notice, well you obviously notice that this blog use English since January 1st, the time I started actively writing blog

One of the reason was… for National Exam in April. I learn more vocabulary, enhance my grammar, and tried to send my point across more efficiently

But since the national exam already passed (I’m not really proud of the result btw, why isn’t it 100/100?! I got 83 btw, not good), one of the reason I write this blog is gone

Well, I will try to keep writing tho, I love writing this blog. I just need to

Just remember why you started it in the first place

Well, one of my New Year Resolution was to write 100 posts on this blog during 2019. Well, I can safely say I already passed that by a whole long shot

I forced myself to write one post a day then, but when I don’t feel like writing, writing block, I still force myself to write, that resulted in a lot of spam-like post that doesn’t mean that much for me, like this one


Well, tbh, those things are important for me, but those are like red herring in this blog. I want this blog to contain my most important thought and story, but “things-that-got-me-interested” fill this blog, causing the posts that truly important to… be shy? hmm.. I don’t have idiom for this

So I decided, let’s stop forcing one post per day, let’s post rarer but things that truly important for me. Btw, this post already took like 2 hours to this point

Btw, like on June 9th (Yeah, I can reference the date because I wrote it on my journal), Galih asked me “Have I stopped writing on this blog?” which tbh make me happy, it means that people actually read my blog, doesn’t have to be people, person is enough

Putih Abu Abu

If you don’t understand the reference, wait, I need to explain the language first

Putih mean white, Abu Abu mean grey. White-Grey refer to senior high school uniform in Indonesia. People said “High school life is the best time in lifetime”…

Also, one day, a friend of mine, Arya Nugraha said to me that we saved cats once in junior high school. When he referenced that to me a couple months ago, I was shook

I don’t remember that memory. Which is the reason… I don’t want to forget my memories. Ever since 7th grade, I don’t really have night sleep, lack of sleep may be resulted in my bad memory recollection

The first reason I started photography was a weird fear of forgetting life.

Tyler Stalman

That is a comment I found on this vid. That btw, is exactly why I filled my Google Photos with everyday nonsense things

No kidding, ever since mid 2016, the beginning of my senior high school life, I will be like, record a vid everyday. My Status Quo (A YouTube vid idea that I wanna make btw)

I bet there’s more than 1 TB video on my Google Photos, 3 years, so around 1000 days. Let’s say I recorded 2 videos daily the size of 2 GB, yeah… TB of my life, well, GPhotos actually compress those vid to just 720p, but still, the quantity just so much

You can see some of the vids in one of my YT Video

I made that last year, started writing the script/lyrics translation around March 2018, and now you understand how much I value my status quo…

Tears just shred from my eyes… it’s been a year since I made that vid :’), it doesn’t feel like a year

Yeah, this post just go all over the place…

Oh yeah, remember why I even started doing this… something like this

Yeah, documenting my school life, what I thought that day… I don’t wanna forget those memories

Also, another reason, I write this blog to show you, my journey to become, number one? Success? (Hmmm… I don’t have a clear goal yet :'(, well, I have, I want to make my own company, but again, existential crisis)

I love learning people’s stories… I want to know how Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Nadiem Makarim, Ahmad Zacky, Willian Tanuwijaya etc got to the point where they’re now

The thing is, biography and even biography is written post they succeeded, written long after the story happen, knowing that they’re just normal human being, their memory will change

Memory will change to be how the person want the memory to be, happen without them knowing… heck, even I, the things that happen last May, when I tried to recall those, things just happen to my interest, which is not the case

The point is… I want you, and my future self, to step back, and learn from my past, not from the far future perspective, but from the perspective of Hari Anugrah that experience it

Bias it might be, I just want to share my story~

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