Scene idea about gtfo of a hospital that’s under attack

In the ICU, there are patients who can’t move

I just watched One Punch Man S2 E8 and got an inspiration for a quite nice scene

In my mind, it’s a nice opening scene for a novel about super power. Who knows, maybe I will continue writing my 8th grader novels

And btw, I wasn’t writing yesterday because yesterday I was making photo album with my class, maybe I will write about it as a part of To College Arc

Two days ago, I was busy preparing for the tour, but actually I just wasn’t feeling like writing

Today actually I don’t want to write since I still feel my brain kinda weird. Because we were using a bus yesterday, and I don’t like buses, I have a bad case of wanna throw up syndrome (If that’s even a thing)

So, this is the scene in my head. Assume I am writing a novel about super power

But, in the timeline, this is the first time people with super power actually showed themselves in the public

They used to be hiding in the background, trying to blend in with normal people

I use the word themselves, but probably there is only one super power user that got rage in this case and showed himself to the surface

(I just remembered, I have a novel logline about super power user run away. Is this a case of cryptomnesia again?)

That super power user have a girlfriend, that got sick. The girlfriend would need some hospitalization

But, while the doctor doing some normal disease test on her, the test showed up as weird. It leaded the doctor into doing more test

Until one point, the doctor report this case in the international doctor forum, or maybe Figure 1 thingy (Ig for doctors, it’s quite a weird socmed)

It catches a foreign country attention. That country then do something to get their hand on her. Maybe kidnapping, but diplomatically?

(This story just became great for some reason, it’s not even the thing I wanna talk about in the first place)

The disappointed boyfriend then got rage, knowing his girlfriend stolen from him. He know government must be doing some extensive research on her. And the worst part? Without her consent

Maybe she is unconscious, and the boyfriend are the one who responsible for her. He loved her

To show his disappoinment, and his rage, he attack the hospital where she was hospitalized

Maybe the final blow is, the boyfriend got some news that one of the test conducted to her cause a long and horrific death. It is just a rumor that he heard maybe

(Maybe the girlfriend actually got some experimentation serum that cause her to became super strong, because that foreign gov doesn’t want to return their super charged militarized girl, they just tell the gov that they killed her, causing a multi country conflict)

(That girlfriend may became somekind of captain america? Or maybe a final villain? idk)

(That multi country conflict can lead to an interesting idea of mine, an old idea of mine. The conflict got worse to the point of all out war. Just before a nuclear war happened, United Nations make a proposal about a way to release this tension, or at least to alleviate it)

* That is the first time I use the word alleviate

(The proposal is to make an island consist of school, college and research center. Where the chosen one, the best out of the best, the countries’ most valuable resource, became some kind of hostage. This lead to all countries to start opening themselves again after a long conflict)

(There will be a lot of stories happened in that island, or maybe multiple islands? To make an opportunity of inter-island competition, and of course, conflict)

(There will be also an intra-island competition, to measure a country’s super power user’ skills and abilities, to keep super power between countries in balance, of course there will be ones who hide their true power)

Wew, I just made a full blown back story there, and it’s quite a nice and logically made sense one

Hmmm… oh yeah, the main idea of this ‘first’ novel. Why I love making multi part novel idea?!

So the boyfriend attack the hospital, maybe with some kind of mid level telekinesis, or low level with some weapon?

This act of terrorism happened while someone is under going a surgery

(Maybe the island is isolated, and every information is regulated, some kind of North [insert a country name here] thingy, to keep all the residents from wanna go outside)

(Maybe at some point they realize they are just hostages and try to make an independent country, a super power country. This idea need a lot of polishing)

The doctors that operate on this person (Let’s call him, Adrian, yeah I just looked up a popular man name on google) run away in the middle of the operation, maybe already finished is better, I don’t want a gore scene in the first chapter of this series

Because the operation is already finish-ing-ish, the anesthetic wore out, and with the loud bang outside (The boyfriend exploded some gas tank, maybe oxygen tank) Adrian woke up

Half conscious, confuse, with some degree of numbness all over his body, he walked his way outside the OR room

He saw fire, the exploding oxygen tank cause a massive fire that started eating the hospital. Even with his confusion, he know he have to run NOW

He walk, initially he doesn’t feels anything. But as the anesthetic progressively wore off, he started to feels weird on his stomach. A burning wood feel onto his hand, he got burned

Eventually he reached the second floor (He was from 4th floor? Is it okay to have Operating Room that high?)

But, he saw the boyfriend, Adrian knew he shouldn’t approach this rage guy on the first floor, furthermore, he can’t walk past the stairs since it got broken by the boyfriend using his telekinesis

Adrian walked into one of the open room there where he saw a veranda, and a scared girl whose legs got broken, she can’t move

Adrian want to help her out, but felt incredibly helpless and powerless, he tried to just jump alone from the veranda

Until he heard the girl scream “Help!” out loud, he then and there got back, and with his remaining power, carry the girl to the veranda

Then, they both jump, and more like, intentionally fell from the second floor

With the girl on his back, and stitches ripped open (He doesn’t know it). They are almost guaranteed to died, or at least severely hurt (Worse than they already are)

Incredibly, their lands was soft, in fact, there’s no impact whatsoever

When he see around, they’re floating in the air. He saw the boyfriend pointing his hands onto them, like he is holding him and her

Then, a sudden loud bang can be heard, a military gun has shoot the boyfriend

Adrian and the girl fell at the same time the boyfriend got thrown away by the bullet. At least the momentum is decreased by a tons

(The boyfriend saw Adrian and the girl try to escape, he thought they must be a couple, he remembered his girlfriend and don’t wanna ruin others relationship thus helping Adrian, just a reflect move actually)

When Adrian wake up the next week. The news is a cover up by the govs. The hospital is just shaken by a sink hole, etc etc etc

Adrian know about super power and research it more. Eventually becoming part of United Nations and the one who proposed the idea of Research Island

That my friend, is an idea of mine, that inspired by a dialog in an anime, that I wrote about but just became an outline all of a sudden

Also, an idea come to mind, how about instead of series of novel, this is actually a series of short stories? Fix a lot of troubles and open up Angan Sore opportunity

But yeah, I just spent like two hours writing this post, but it actually is good~

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