RIP Symbian

Currently I am working on Project Dwianjana, and I’ve been struggling to implement an Authentication feature

I don’t feel particularly well today (And yesterday, that’s why I didn’t write yesterday) therefore this will be a short post, hopefully

As I said, I struggle to implement an auth feature for Project Dwianjana (Which btw I found a good name yesterday, Hari Aksara)

I’ve implemented a working auth feature twice, as far as I can remember. First was using web, I think I used Passport Google SignIn for NodeJS last year, for Project Letisha Web, which I replaced by using my own sign in method (Email/Password MongoDb, ExpressJS)

The second one was Project Riwallet which probably earlier this year. I was using Firebase Auth for Flutter

Today I tried to do the same thing with Project Dwianjana, but I faced several problems, of course

I face one same problem that I face with Riwallet, it was related to AndroidX which I can’t explain here because, I personally don’t really understand it myself

I probably will write my finding (And fix) in Koding so next time I face the same problem I will just have to refer to my own blog to fix it

The second problem was related to Signature, which I genuinely have no idea about. But basically, to use Google SignIn in FirebaseAuth, I need to prove my app using somekind of SHA256 signature (Which I personally don’t understand the mechanism, yet)

When I still figuring out how to fix it, when I look around for Keytool and Java SDK, I kinda remembered the Symbian OS, maybe because the current Huawei‘s situation

Not that I suggesting them to use Symbian OS, but I just wonder how to develop apps for Symbian

I remember in the past downloading Symbian apps for… one of my phone which I can’t remember for some reason, XP? no, it was OS that I use pre 2012, pre Android

The app was games, it had a lot of problem in it, one I can remember was the problem with screen size. I remember the app wasn’t resizing correctly with my phone, the app only took like 60% of my screen, leaving a lot of space behind

I also remember Nokia’s phone division was in trouble, in the past, also another time in the past, even today. Weirdly enough, earlier today when I watched some news regarding Huawei 5G technology, I found out that Nokia is behind Huawei. The funny thing is, I thought Nokia is already dead

Anyway… I look for a way to develop apps for Symbian, and this is what I saw

Well, tbh I don’t actually understand it fully, but seems like Symbian is shutting down, or ALREADY shut down

There in the internet, someone probably have the SDK files, like this one

But the thing is, Symbian is dead…

RIP Symbian, I will miss you, but I won’t use you, maybe I will develop apps for you just to get the taste, but bye~

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