Resurrecting Koding

Marked to.. wait, it’s pass midnight already 😂, marked yesterday, with the publication of the post

I announce loud and clear (And hopefully right), KODING IS BACK!!!, not that this is matter today tho

This is quite interesting story to tell to be honest

Koding Hari Anugrah Blog
Look closely

The first three posts were all published on 2015, before I even learn proper programming (It was more like, copy pasting code from tutorial into one project, googling issue, etc)

The interesting thing is… all of those three posts were all written and published on a WordPress blog, 2015… Just remembering how confuse I was about this thing called WordPress but still trying his best to use it, make me smile

The forth post, was written on January 2nd 2019… 4 years later, 4 months ago

That day, I exported the WordPress blog and made a new Blogger, and migrate those posts there

The Koding Blogger platform, taken today

To my surprise, when I saw the analytics of the WordPress blog (It was hosted in, again, I didn’t know things back then). People actually open that blog, I forgot how much views it had, but it was quite impressive for a blog that hasn’t been maintained for 4 years

To be fair, it probably was just in the neighborhood of 400 or something, in the span of 4 years… Not really that impressive objectively

But compare to this blog, this personal blog… I don’t feel like anyone ever read this blog

This blog stats

That Best Ever is 4277, it was a Stress Test… basically I use a service to send traffic to this blog to see how my server hold up… so, not a real traffic

That Comments is 112, it includes pingback link. I would say, there are only 2 or 3 real comment, and I can’t really say if those are bot (I got tons of spam comments). So yeah, not really

And that Views is 6158, minus that Stress Test is 1881… let’s be honest, 99% of that probably just me

But that blog! Little it might be, but it still gain views, without me! (Without me interfering, and therefore without counting my own views), it was quite a feeling for me

The blog that I spent a lot of effort to not gaining traction, while the blog that I left for 4 years did

It’s really a mixed feeling

And, since I still got the data. After migrating from to Blogger. The last 4 months, this is how the stats looks like

From that 63, 99% of that probably just me setting up the blog…

But that probably just because it’s ONLY BEEN 4 MONTHS… no… I need to commit to that blog as well

AND! Another interesting thing

Around February 14th, I migrated this personal blog to GCP, from Blogger to WordPress

At that time, Koding was still in Blogger, using the domain

As the consequences of migrating my personal blog, I need to update my domain DNS to point to the new site

And for some reason the DNS record for broke. And also for some bizarre reason I didn’t notice and didn’t fix it…

(That’s strange, why didn’t I fix the DNS record, it should be easy)… Or maybe, the DNS record broke when I migrate to DigitalOcean? Since DigitalOcean have its own DNS management… that make more sense… but I didn’t remember exactly

And also for obvious reason, if you visit the blogspot address for then Koding, you will be redirected to the domain

So, if you manually open (The blogspot address of Koding then), it will be redirected to, and since broke, all you get will be just error message. This also apply to search engine crawling bot like Google’s

So for like 3 months (Since around February to after 14th of May). Koding was there, but it wasn’t there. IT IS there, but when anybody look for it, something say nothing is there, event tho there is something… huft

I actually already planned to resurrect Koding since around 4th of May. You can read more about around that day in this post

The reason I switched to Niagahoster’s Hosting was to use it to host two WordPress in the same host

I know nothing back then (14 days ago?). I didn’t know how to host two WordPress in the same server back then (Remember I host personal blog in DigitalOcean that time)

But I remember from my 2016 experience (Again, read above blog post) owning a Hosting account, and opening a CPanel, I see there was option to install WordPress on subdomain

So yeah… my stupidity… or ignorance? Made me almost lost $25… almost

I did tried WordPress multisite at local machine (Using Bitnami I think…) and that hosting, but I just wasn’t happy about that approach

Then… around 8th of May, I got exposed again to Docker… I forgot what made me watch Docker tutorial, but I glad

I think it goes something like this: I found out about Webuzo and realize I can install CPanel on my own server, then I came across Docker again, then something just clicked

Pre May 3rd

May 3rd

Around May 5th (Finally something related to Docker)

Then Docker-compose (Can’t find the date) And more

Yeah, putting all those videos, in chronological order (Using history in YouTube), then using video from news channel like TechLinked that I know I watched the same day it released to see when I watched that vid is not a good approach

The first time I came across Docker was last year, on #Project_Letisha, I was struggling to deploy it (Wait, where did I deployed project Letisha last year? It was Azure App Service right? And then GCP? hmm)

Then I googled for solution found out about Docker. It never clicked in my head how to use Docker, why? I used the wrong approach. I think of using Docker to deploy easier. But to know Docker, I need to start to understand the problem

Needless to say, I didn’t use Docker until Letisha died last year

Then earlier this month, I come across Docker again, but now with fresh mind. No NPM, NodeJs in the back of my head, just clear head

And somehow, Docker just suddenly clicked in my head, really. I do believe the tutorial I watch today is not that different from the tutorial I watched back then, but the way I approach it, really made a different

Like, I didn’t understand what Docker volume back then, I tried to build my own Docker image (That include Letisha source code built in it) and upload it to docker hub, didn’t work because I just didn’t know enough

But when I watch a tutorial how to install WordPress on Docker, it showed me just once, once, how to use Docker so it can access file from host server using volume, suddenly it just clicked

I just got the idea of how to do things. I don’t have to build my own docker image, I can just ask an already existing docker image to open my source code from outside the image using volume. It genuinely is a click moment

Basically, I got too excited to this new knowledge

Unfortunately I already buy that Niagahoster hosting. But the possibility! The possibility of having full control of my own server! I can become Tony Stark (Yeah… I know)

Earlier this week, I made an app that will recognize my friends face and show their name (So, before May 9th), it exposed me to Machine Learning… And I thought to myself, having my own server to host multiple project containing their own files would be nice

One docker for Machine Learning, Two for blogs, Other for database etc… that is when I decided to just use server instead, I turned my netbook into Ubutu server

Hmmm… this post going everywhere, it’s 1.22AM already

Basically, I decided to lease a server, AWS Lightsail, install docker, made my infrastructure, and resurrected Koding Blog

So, Koding Blog was the reason this blog down for a couple of days, I didn’t post for 10 days, and a lot of stress on me

But it’s worth it. Because as I said in my Twitter, Koding is a way for me to give back to the community~

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