My first WEB UI Design

So I haven’t publish anything for two days now. Why?

Well, the answer is quite simple, remember that whole #Migration to WordPress? Eaps, now it’s something like that, just way more complicated, and BIGGER!

My plan wasn’t that big at first, but now I half way finish, there’s just more and more thing that I wanna add

As you can see, this blog is active right now, that’s because I have finished migration to a hosting service

Kinda a downgrade from a dedicated server that I had before, but there’s a reason behind that. Hopefully I will remember to write about that

The main plan consist of 3 different thing: First, migrate this blog to a cheaper shared hosting; Second, resurrect Koding because that blog have a better chance of making money; Third, rebuild my landing page

And btw, if you wanna help me, and want a hosting please use this link to register to Niagahoster. And if you want a dedicated virtual server, use this link to register to DigitalOcean

As I said, I have finished the first one, just some cleaning up left (And removing my old dedicated server too)

I haven’t done anything regarding resurrecting the Koding blog. But it should be easy, maybe I would only need 30 minutes, compare to 36 hours that I need to migrate (Well, there’s more overhead, paying, setting up etc) in the other hand, if you try to access it right now, you would see this 404 error

Earlier this afternoon actually I already

Yesterday I actually already installed WordPress there, the plan was to use a static page as index. But I realize that’s just too much wasted memory, if I gonna use a html page, let’s just use a static html page, without the 50MB-ish that WordPress need

Eaps, looks ugly, just a bunch of blank space (I hope you scrolled enough to see this message). Don’t judge me okay, that’s just a placeholder, while I am trying to build my REAL landing page (Said me a year ago as well)

OMG! I just found my first ever web development trace! A screenshot!… then I find the code of my first ever web dev, Django thingy! OMG!!! Definitely gonna write about that!!!

That is the face of my landing page, the face of since December 2018, literally the banner of mine, filling an entire page

Prior to that, I use as the domain of my Blogger (Then I migrated to WordPress and replace my blog domain to

Prior to that, probably around January 2018, to something something, I made a simple landing page, quite complex actually compare to only displaying that one picture (The screenshot above)

Unfortunately I can’t find it as of now, I will try to find it, it probably is somewhere, hopefully

But now, let’s get to the main point of this post. Of course, after side tracked for really long

I’ve been programming for like, idk, 7 years? Wew, that is long. Ever since I started programming, especially program with GUI, I always design things on the go

I never plan ahead of times, just let it flow

But then, October last year, when I tried for the hundred of times to write novel, for the first time I plan ahead of time. I wrote a logline, an outline, a bigger outline, an even bigger outline, then as of now is in the draft 1 state

That’s the first time I have ever reach that point, the furthest of all of my previous attempts of writing novel. Usually I would just write the concept, finish the first chapter, and never get back to that again

But now, once I make a clear plan ahead of times, I finished my first ever draft! I have even write a post about that problem before (too much draft, unfinished projects)

Well, there’s more factor come into play, like, I scheduled myself, I comitted myself etc. But that doesn’t nullify my statement

Planning is really useful for me

That’s why, I plan my website today

Actually it started by watching this video

Then I realized, that’s not too hard. Then I tried it, and yeah. I got so far as this

But because Gravit Designer is a paid software, and I don’t think it’s worth it (Like $100/year) I exported to svg, and I opened it on Adobe Illustrator, just kid, I am trying Affinity Designer since yesterday (And it’s been great)

And after some tuning, I continue my first WEB UI Design to this point (5th update)

I am really proud of myself. In the past I thought to myself, UI Design is too hard, let’s not get into it, let’s just make a simple UI

But ever since I made my #Project_Riwallet, I want to make beautiful UI… and this first version, is a really great stepping stone

Hari Anugrah, if you just try it hard enough, you can do it, you have prove it again and again

And that’s it, my first UI Design, I found my first WEB Development (Hmm, not really, it’s complicated, read my next post!!!) a big history of mine, I got big thing to do with my domain, and my new knowledge of how server and CPanel works…

It’s worth it! Really worth it!

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