My current “jobs”

I would consider study as a job

So in the past whenever people asking what am I doing, I would answer studying quite easily

I mean, I spent seven to eight hours daily for that, surely I can call those a job right?

Yeah, it would be nice if school pay me above minimum wage. Agreed

But couple days ago, on May 9th 2019, or was it 13? I got unemployed

Quite sad really, I have to leave that school where I already spent 3 years in

And coincidentally, that day also marked the end of my 12 years education

3 years ago, when I graduated from junior high, I didn’t really have as much things to worry about compare to now

But these days, even months before graduation, I had and have doubts on myself

I guess, my current job is doubting myself?

No, well not really at least

I am unemployed now. No longer a high school student nor I am a undergraduate (Will be soon tho)

So, what I’ve been doing these days?

I would love to say programming, but it seems like I haven’t done much coding lately

Maybe some writing, but as you know, I didn’t really post the latest 10 days. I also don’t write novel currently, I do have an idea of novel in my head, but no

YouTube, I do some YouTube recently on my Hari Anugrah channel, in fact I just published a vid yesterday

I also recorded a vid yesterday for Angan Sore. But I haven’t got time to edit it yet

I do some planning for a competition called Millenial Techno Fiesta. But I haven’t had any progress yet

I do some learning, specifically on Finance and Machine Learning. And again, not much progress at those departments as well

But, the main thing is

Since school is a day job for me, employment mean I got nothing to do during the day

But since like 4 days ago, I do have something to occupy my time with

Something really nice. Helping my grandfather.

I’ve been wanting to do it for long, I do it occasionally, but 4 days ago I finally do it regularly

See, I love working, but it’s weird to ask for job to my grandfather, and by job I mean something to help him with

I think my grandfather is like me, way too rely on themselves, like, I myself rarely ask for others help. I think something like that also happen for my grandpa

But 4 days ago, my grandmother asks me to help, kinda annoyingly tbh. But it is great.

Since now I have reason to ask if I can help him with something. It’s not like I want to help you, this is because grandma asked me to help you

And yeah, tsundere

That is what I’ve been doing btw, making “mute”


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