Learning Machine Learning

I know, ironic

I, a human, learn about how machine learn… heck, learning how a human learn is already a hard thing for me, something that should be an instinct for me

Well, that one is a joke, okay? By that I mean, even in school I’m not doing great. And school are designed to be studied by a normal knowledgeless human. I just made a term there

I know the term Machine Learning since quite a long time ago, note that I said know instead of understand there, it’s a big difference

I think the first time I heard the term Machine Learning was in Microsoft Azure. Back when I was using App Service a lot. Either… around January 2018 or late 2015 something

Yeah, I don’t quite remember. But I was exploring the Microsoft Azure Portal, looking tutorial about the new portal. Yeah, most tutorial in the internet of Azure was still in the old portal when I just getting started in this world of Cloud Computing. A really big obstacle for me

I didn’t really intent to learn Machine Learning to be honest. I am still exploring the world of Web Programming and Mobile Programming,and adding Machine Learning to that list is just, maybe too much

It still is. But around late April to early Mei I got this idea of video, yeah, it was initially a video idea for my YouTube channel. Btw check out my latest vid on my Hari Anugrah channel

The idea was quite simple, really, just a Face Recognition of my senior high school’s friends

And I just remembered, it’s not a new idea that I just came up with this month. The idea, and the inspiration came quite a long time ago, when I watch Kubz Scout vid of him playing Yandere Simulator

There’s this mechanic of when you take a picture of NPC, their data would showed in your phone. Look it up yourself, I got no time to find a screenshot. Here, the latest vid of Kubz Scout playing YanSim

I don’t think the mechanic is shown here tho

You know what, I will look for it…. something like this

Image result for yandere simulator phone
From YanSim wikia

The inspiration came this year. So, quite a long time ago is not the best time frame… shit, 11:47

So when I watched him playing this game, and I saw this mechanic (Idk, I already seen this mechanic tons of times, but why did I think of this idea only then?) I was like… It would be cool if I can make something like that

And then, 8 of April came, the last obstacle that I will go through with my classmates. The end of April, nearing my graduation, I just scared… as I should

I scared of forgetting my classmates names, I am really bad at names you see. And I just think this is a nice content for my YouTube channel, kinda funny one but there’s a deeper meaning for it

I did make this project, started around 8th of May, just 12 hours before my graduation. I actually want to show this off in my graduation, but even after several hours of not sleeping, I still run into bug that I just gave up

Yeah, that was mostly my fault, why did I just started that quite a big project 12 hours before the graduation, effectively just giving myself time of 6 hours

If you want to hear more about that project, look into #Project_Rhea, I still got chance, late this May, my classmates planned on a photoshoot, hope I can finish it on time

But no, the thing that I am working on mostly right now, that related to machine learning, other than learning how to learn it, is Project Dwianjana. You can learn more about that project here

Basically, I want to make a character recognition for Balinese script. A really hard task, especially for me who have virtually zero experience on this kinda thing

And… of course, I haven’t talk about the main topic that I wanna talk about, and I only got 5 minutes left

Basically, I’ve been learning programming for quite a while now, maybe around 7 to 8 years. The main thing about programming is that I made an algorithm to solve problem

The thing is, Machine Learning seems to be a really different kind of programming, I probably shouldn’t call it as a subset of programming in fact

Machine Learning, at least to my current knowledge, is like. The algorithm is already there, we just have to supply data to it, test it, evaluate it, and improve it

Programming seems just like an interface for Machine Learning

Also, I thought Neural Network, Deep Learning were synonyms for Machine Learning. Nope, they’re a kind of algorithm for machine learning

Also, I need to learn of math concept to understand neural network. There’s a lot of term that I know in Bahasa Indonesia (Since I study in Bahasa) that I simply don’t know the English word for

So it’s hard

Oh no, running out of time~

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