I’ve been away for 10 days

Yeah, exactly as the title suggest, the last post I wrote and published was exactly 10 days ago

It’s not like I was trying to be away from writing this last few days, but time just flies like that

And it’s not like I didn’t do anything, I’ve done so much stuff these last few days that may make me cry even. In fact I did cry.

I did one big mistake that cause me a pretty big financial loses (In my eyes tho), another mistake that cause me maybe hated by my classmates, and some more

Actually, these last 10 days should be THE TIME for me to write on this blog, because so much thing happened in my life, or, just one substantial thing

I’ve graduated from high school

But, I’m not ready yet to write about it. Let’s talk instead about what exactly holding me back from doing this daily posting thing

Also, again, it’s not like I didn’t write anything these latest few days, I did, I just didn’t publish them

And yeah, I’m writing from my netbook, so it’s not a really pleasant writing on my side (Because how laggy it is), and because I switched the OS a couple days ago from Windows to Ubuntu 19.04 I still haven’t got time to know how to crop photos here, sad face

Oh yeah, red herring

Let’s talk a bit about history of the infrastructure behind this blog

I use WordPress* and Blogger back and forth a long time ago (Before I understand the way WordPress work)

*The hosting that I use was Niagahoster, initially I use it as a learning tool for #Project_Letisha, then I use it to learn WordPress, but again, I didn’t understand why should I use this complicated platform at the time, so I switched back and forth, May 2016

Then I just stop and use Blogger instead, but I wasn’t active blogging at this time (Pre 2019)

I keep renewing my domain, year after year, until November last year I started writing #Project_Disconnect (And yeah, I just come up with that project name now) every day for about two or three months, EVERY DAY* (JK, With some day off)

Then, around the time I finishing the last chapter of the first draft, writing everyday just became my habit

And, I got something to write about, it was about Gigguk, for some reason I wanna put my thought on the internet then

Then I realize I enjoyed it, it was around new year, I got this idea to make writing 100 posts per year as my new year resolution (This is my first ever new year resolution)

(I just notice, it shifts from the history of architecture to the history of this blog, let’s get back to the topic, and since the history of this blog is quite interesting I will write a post about it on its own)

Then I say good bye to Blogger and started learning WordPress, again

I switched from Blogger to Google Cloud Platform to host this WordPress. The reason? I think it’s because I was influenced by a talk by Gojek’s CEO at a Google event

Then I switched to DigitalOcean, I planned to write about this switch, but I haven’t even started writing it yet

I think I was giving DigitalOcean a shot because, I see way too much ads about them on YouTube. I switched from GCP because it cost way too much, and I got a lot of email from Jetpack complaining my blog is unresponsive randomly

(It was quite an interesting technical problem, maybe I will write about it in the Koding blog, but bacially, Google Crawler took too much resource from my blog when indexing my blog causing it to become unresponsive)

The funny thing is, I literally got email from Google yesterday saying my crawling setting is expired. Literally yesterday, quite a nice coincidences because I literally forgot it had time limit of 3 months

(Btw, I just realized I need to categorize this kind of blog related update in its own tag, instead of something like #Migrating_To_Wordpress, so I just came up with the name #Project_Anugrah)

Then around the beginning of May, I can no longer use DigitalOcean for reason I’m not sure yet, mostly because financial reason, so I switched to the 3 years plan of Niagahosting hostinger

Which is great btw, for an ordinary blogger, but I am no ordinary blogger, I am a pretend-developer! I need more control

I was learning Docker at around this time, and unlike last year, I actually started understand how amazing Docker is, and I was like blown away by how much I thing I can think of that I can build using this technology

So then, after a long stressful decision making, which took me days, I switched to my local machine and build my own local server (Which btw, the reason my netbook is on Ubuntu now)

While on that, I tried to refund my money (Niagahoster 30 days money back guarantee), these process took days, and then they say I am not qualified

Why? remember that switching back and forth between Blogger and Worpress around May 2016? This money back program only apply if this is the first time I use their hostinger, which I don’t

Then I upgrade that hosting to a VPS (Which I know can be done because when I chatted to the CS about refundding, they suggest upgrading to a VPS instead)

I think it’s around 12th of May, but Niagahoster VPS is expensive, but I just have to deal with it for some next month

Then I realize, I’m not committed to this server, it would be really annoying to switch from this VPS again in a month

So again, I wonder around the internet looking for a cheap VPS provider I can trust. The situation is bad because I literally have no money in my bank at this time, so I have to rely on free trial

Which btw, I’m glad to, because of that limitation,I meet this new shiny thing called Amazon Lightsail

I think I finished setting that server up around 14 of May. But I was just too tired to start writing, I didn’t have good sleep the last couple of days (More like 8 days)

Even today, the only reason I started writing is because I want to share about my (probably) next novel’s logline. But for some reason ended up with writing this post instead, hmmm

And again, there’s so much nuances that I skipped in this post, my netbook’s lag just became unbearable

Like, the night I found a loophole in Niagahoster system that will let me have my money back, that made me so excited (And feel smart) and sleep so late, like at 3AM

The emotional wagon that I’ve been riding these last weeks, and so much more, I will write about them in later post

But for now, welcome back, Hari! Good to be back~

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