Interesting things to say about MY dream

So today, or actually just now, or maybe couple minutes ago (It is 4.45AM btw) I just awaken from a dream, kinda forcefully

And I noticed something… strange…

But to understand those strangeness I need to tell tou about the dream first, which btw, I can’t fully recall

Basically because something something happened, I got stuck with this one guy, let’s call him Cents or something

Someone told us to go somewhere and do something, I and Cents for some reason can’t deny this request

In my dream, I remember thinking it should be easy to deny it, but why I kept doin it anyway

Then we walk to a car, I think Cents’s car, but on the way there Cents told me his evil plan

Basically, he will go to this somewhere, kill everyone there, get or do something that we’re told, get back here

This is great lan, he said, because he got to stay comply with the traffic law and I also get something, can’t recall tho

And for some reason he decided I do the driving

I also remember something the entire episode of dream, either or both Mr. Bean and/or Warkop DKI Dono Kasino Indro (Indonesian old comedy group)

That is the first thing that I think as weird, why I thought of that in my dream, the entire episode of it even, and why I still remember it now (Vaguely but kinda clearly)

Then we got to the car, the car is parked in a high place, second floor, same floor we’re at. But the front of it is literally a slide, like, seluncuran, the way is going down except the tiny bit where the car is

When I see this, I remember thinking something, maybe, this is the time to decide either go and murder or keep Cents from there somehow

That was a weird word suggestion, Google Keyboard suggested ‘somebody’ when I typed ‘someh’ as in ‘somehow’. You know what, I remember my old idea to count words use, my vocabulary usage in this blog

Cents got ONto his car, yeah on, he sit on top of the car, maybe just on top of the windshield. I think he hold a gun. And I think the car is that Mr. Bean’s car

He said something to me. And here I got a plan

I opened the driver side door, push the car a bit and the car now go down that steep way, bringing Cents with it

I immediately run to the opposite side or corner, and Cents was following me from behind. Presumably, he jumped from the car

He yelled something

There’s this wall, like, 4 meters from the original parking position of the car. I run there, and tried to jump over it, and because it was too high, I struggled, just before Cents lay his hands on me I remember this visual, like a paper, with some political thing, some rule, and a name

Last night I went and read Wikipedia’s article about Indonesian ministries, maybe that’s why I got this weird visual. And btw I got interested to read that article because of that Garuda Indonesia’s earning report scandal(?), Minister of BUMN (Rini Soemarno) was mentioned several times there which got me interested

As I see that visual (Yeah, it’s not exactly that I saw it in the dream, it’s really weird, how can some weird visual just got stamped onto my dream. Maybe my brain tried it best to make a scenario to use this new knowledge, and at the end it can’t, so it just stamped it on my dream, my brain basically tried to reconsolidate all those new knowledge from yesterday. But I swear, if this is a normal me, I should already forget about those ministries list yesterday night)

Again, as I see that visual and Cents almost got me, I (I think) successfully went over to the other side of the wall, maybe 2.5 meters wall, and then, I suddenly just woke up

I initially write this post because I thought I found something interesting, maybe can help the research of why we need sleep. That thinking was

Maybe just maybe, as I jumped over the wall, maybe I got forced to wake up because there’s no memory of that side of the wall. Basically my brain simply don’t know what’s there, my brain freezed a bit and then went to the last option that is to wake me up

But, as I write this post, I found that thinking as seriously flawed. What’s the flaw? Well, it simply is, I shouldn’t have memory of that place, that weird parking spot, and that parking spot shouldn’t be exist in the real world because it is dangerous

That realization lead me to remember something. All faces in my dream are faces that I have seen in my life before (Where did I got this knowledge?). But remembering all my dream, it seems the location of my dream has always somewhere strange, somewhere I simply never visit (I just realized I can see those location from the internet, duh). Which made me think, every location in my dream are generated by my brain, which render that first thought as flawed

Then as I write that paragraph, I also found a possible explanation. Maybe my brain DID generate all those location. But knowing how brain works (Trying its best to be efficient), maybe my brain generated all those location first, and because my brain flagged jumping over a wall as something strange to do, therefore I unlikely going there, therefore my brain don’t generate all those area on the other side of the wall, being efficient

So as I jumped to the other side of the wall, there’s no data of what should be there. My brain went into panic mode, kernel panic, BSOD, and forcefully wake me up

That is really an interesting thought, me! And also a great explanation (workaround) of that weird quarks in your observations (Maybe you can be a physicist now)

So yeah, I just woke up, remember small portion of the dream, remember thinking the dream was weird (Did I aware it was only a dream while dreaming?!), immediately open my phone and write my thoughts on it

It is 5.44AM btw, writing does take a long time to do

To summarize

First, it is strange for me to think in my own dream, is it should be predetermined? (Which make me wonder if life is predetermined). It kinda suggest that I am conscious inside my dream

Second, it is weird for me to just wake up like that. Maybe that is because of that whole thing I explain about brain panic.

Or maybe it is just me got really surprised because Cents almost (Or already) got me. My heartbeat raised through the roof (threshold that my brain make to keep me safe in my dream). Like in Nervegear (Sword Art Online), there’s this mechanism to kick you out from the simulated reality if the Nervegear sense that the user’s heart rate increased too high

I got an idea for smartglasses, instead of reflecting the light using prism, why don’t I use UV to stimulate a phosphorus 2D arrays that will make up the pixels

Third, it is just weird to see that irrelevant visual stamped onto my dream there

And some more weird details that I can’t get into, because my phone got laggy

It is 6.01AM already, I can hear Tri sanja from my town hall, time to get back to sleep~

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